How to get to Badaling Great wall from Beijing-Mr orange transfer

Badaling Great wall, located in Yanqing County, is 80 kilometers northwest from downtown Beijing. There are Badaling expressway for you to reach the scenic spot with only 1 hour. How to get to Badaling Great wall from Beijing? This article will show you the way.

Badaling is known as one of the nine great passes in the world. It is the best preserved and the most representative section of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty. Badaling Great wall is the earliest section of the Great Wall openning to the public. Badaling Great Wall is the symbol of Badaling scenic area, where Badaling restaurant, Great Wall Circle Vision Theatre and China Great Wall Museum nominated by former President Jiangzemin are constructed. Badaling scenic area is famous for its magnificent scenery, comprehensive facilities and profound history.



Badaling boasts a superior location. It has been a significant pass to Shanxi, Inner Mongalia and Zhangjiakou since ancient time. In 1998, Badaling expressway is constructed, making the traffic convenient. What is more, the annual average temperature in Badaling is 3℃ lower than downtown Beijing, making it the leading scenic spot of Yanqing in Summer.

Badaling Great wall, located in Yanqing County, is an important pass of the Great Wall. The wall gets narrower and narrower from west to east. It was built in 1505 and reconstructed during the Ming Dynasty. Badaling Great Wall has two major passes in east and west respectively. On the east gate carved “Juyongwaizhen” in 1539, which means there was another strategic town outside the Juyong pass. On the west gate carved “Beimensuoyue” in 1582 which literally means the key to the north gate of Beijing. Both the two gates are masonry-structured. There are holes and platforms. On the south and the north side of platforms there are passes connecting the walls. Crenels are built on the platforms. Beijing-Zhangjiakou expressway, known as the channel to Beijing, goes across the gate. Stretching and fluctuating beside the north pass, the 6700 kilometer-long Badaling Great Wall is one of the most magnificent and ancient buildings in the world.

Barrier-free facilities and services:

The barrier-free structures comprise barrier-free parking facilities, barrier-free sidewalks in the main roads for sightseeing, barrier-free ramp ways, barrier-free elevators, barrier-free sightseeing stands, low-position information desk for wheelchair users, and barrier-free easy travel appliances.





The parking lot is capable to park 1500 vehicles. In peak season, you might be asked to park your car in the parking lots of the zoo and the West Chadao Village 2 or 3km away from the scenic spot, and then you can take shuttle bus to the gate of the great wall.



Peak seasons duration:April 1st ——October 31st


Adult: RMB 40

Students: RMB 20

Age over 60: RMB 20

Age from 6-18: RMB 20


Slack seasons duration: November 1st——March 31st


Adult: RMB 35

Students: RMB 17.5

Age over 60: RMB 17.5

Age from 6-18: RMB 17.5


How to get to Badaling Great wall from city center

  1. Taxi: it will cost you about 400 Yuan to take a taxi to the Badaling Great Wall. If you go with your friends, the price will be reasonable. The biggest advantage of taking a taxi is convenient.
  2. Bus: Take NO.877 bus at Deshengmen Bus station from your hotel. NO.5, NO.27, NO.55, NO. 305, NO.380, NO.409, NO.628, NO.872 are available for you to reach Deshengmen bus station. I recommend you this way to the scenic spot.
  3. Railway: take Line2 to Jishuitan and walk to Deshengmen bus station for about 400meters.
  4. Take NO.877 bus to the Great Wall at the northwest corner of Deshengmen station.
  5. The price of the bus ticket is RMB 12. You may only pay 6 Yuan with your bus card.
  6. The conductor will introduce the general information about the Great Wall and recommend you to take ropeway to get to the top of Great wall. The price is 100 Yuan for single way and 140Yuan for a round trip. The ticket price of Great Wall is 40Yuan from April to October, and 35Yuan from November to March the next year. Get off the bus station and you can see the ticket office.
  7. If you don’t want to take the ropeway, I suggest you to walk to the top of the Great Wall. It won’t be tired as it is not too far from the entrance to the NO.4 north gate of the Great Wall.
  8. Urban subway: Take S2 from north Beijing station or take Line2 or Line 4 and get off at Xizhimen Station. Then enter north Beijing Station and take S2. Please buy a transportation card ahead of time in case the tickets are sold out.