Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

If you are planning to travel to China and land at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport,here is the information you will need to know. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is an International airport serving millions of travelers every year. The airport is located at the borders of northern Renhe Town and Xinhua Town a distance of 28 kilometers to the downtown area of the city. The airport is the largest airport in China.

This airport has been serving the public since the year 2004. It has two runway, a 320 thousand square meters terminal thus capable of serving many travelers at a short time in a 4E standard flight area. The airport serves over 100 domestic air routes and other international cities having an average volume of over 40 million passengers annually. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport has convenient transport in and out which includes: shuttle buses, metro lines, taxi services and intercity buses.
Domestic and International Departures Hall
The airport has six check-in islands, and 144 check-in counters in the Domestic Departures Hall and four check-in islands and also 102 check-in counters in the International Departures Hall reducing much delay as the traffic moves very fast. You will find the services you need here such as ticket reservation for all flights, ticket issuing, exchange of tickets, confirming your seat. You can also confirm issues of irregular flights and also designated assistance.
You will find business centers which offer calls services even for long distances, two ample parking lots where you can leave your car on you travel at a convenient price, post office services open for postage services. There are banks where you can convert your foreign currency to Chinese currency with ATM services available. A medical room where you can visit for medication if you fall sick during your stay in the airport and also a water dispenser is also available.
The services at the airport include inquiry services involving any flight issue, luggage checking to ensure your luggage is safe, lost and found items are also collected and brought to the counter where you can find your items. The ticket services, internet services is a wireless Internet access service, dining where you can enjoy delicious Chinese food at the Jinlong Food Street and also a shop where you can buy leather, fruits, cosmetics, toys, books, clothes wines, jewelry, wines and local products.