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1.Guangzhou to Gulong skywalk Glass Bridge: Tucked away amidst the natural wonders of Guangzhou, the Gulong Canyon Glass Bridge beckons adventure-seekers with the promise of heart-stopping vistas and architectural marvels. As one of the must-visit destinations in the region, this glass bridge stands as both a testament to human ingenuity and a gateway to nature’s breathtaking beauty. This article serves as your guide, providing intricate details on the various transportation options available, ensuring your journey is as seamless and thrilling as the destination itself. The allure of Gulong Canyon Glass Bridge lies not only in its glass-bottomed walkway suspended high above the canyon floor but also in the panoramic views it offers of the surrounding lush landscapes. To embark on this exhilarating journey, you’ll need to navigate the bustling urban landscape of Guangzhou. Fear not, as we delve into the various modes of transportation, uncovering the most convenient and picturesque routes for your adventure. 2. Gulong Canyon Glass Bridge Overview: Before delving into the logistics of reaching the Gulong Canyon Glass Bridge, let’s take a moment to appreciate the magnificence that awaits. Spanning across a dramatic canyon landscape, the bridge is a marvel of modern engineering, allowing visitors to experience […]

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Practical Tips for Guangzhou Layover Tours Guangzhou, often referred to as the “City of Five Rams,” is a sprawling metropolis in southern China that effortlessly blends a rich historical tapestry with the dynamism of modernity. As the capital of Guangdong province, Guangzhou has played a pivotal role in China’s economic development, acting as a crucial gateway for trade and cultural exchange. While the prospect of a layover might seem restrictive, Guangzhou’s strategic location and efficient infrastructure make it an ideal city to explore during a brief stopover. To maximize your Guangzhou layover tour experience, consider the following practical tips. As visitors traverse the city, they encounter iconic landmarks that define Guangzhou’s identity. The Canton Tower, a soaring architectural marvel, offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Shamian Island, with its colonial architecture, provides a glimpse into Guangzhou’s colonial past. The Pearl River, threading through the city, adds a picturesque charm to the urban landscape. For those embarking on a Guangzhou layover tour, this vibrant city offers a perfect blend of historical depth and modern allure. Learn more about iconic landmarks in Guangzhou 1. Visa Requirements for Your Guangzhou Layover Tour: Before embarking on your Guangzhou layover tour adventure, familiarize yourself […]

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Inquiry a Guangzhou layover tour with Mr orange transfer Guangzhou, a southern metropolis of China, has been a cultural, political, and economic center since ancient times. It has rich historical and cultural heritage, delicious food, and unique shopping resources which attract visitors from both at home and abroad to come and experience. Guangzhou is also a transportation hub of south China where you can easily transit to any other cities in China by plane.  Not having a tour of this city is far more disappointing to those who will do transition at the airport and have a few hours stopover than it would be for anyone else, simply given miss the chance to see this bustling city. How much time I will need for a Guangzhou layover tour Are you struggling with whether to have a Guangzhou layover tour to fulfill 6 hours of wait-for-transit time at the airport and want to find someone indigenous to this area to help you work out a seamless schedule to make the most of your time? Be adamant about your dream tour as now you are in the right place. To Plan a Guangzhou layover tour from airport, You have to be aware that […]

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About Huayi Light Fixtures Company The Huayi Lighting Fixtures Company was founded in 1986, it is the leading company of the high-level lighting industry in China as well as the pioneer of the capital of light in Guzhen, Zhongshan, China. it has successfully built the Full ecological product chain which integrates the development, production, and sale of lighting fixtures, Light sources, and accessories and is committed to providing healthy and comfortable lighting solutions to scenarios from home, office, department store to Municipal rail transit, star rated hotel, and outdoor lighting etc. As the leading brand of China’s lighting industry, Huayi has been awarded the honor of “The pioneer brand of China’s lighting fixtures industry” in the past 5 consecutive years since 2016. It has won the “Top 10 Brands of the Year in China’s Lighting Industry” twice, and in 2021, it was honored with “Top 10 Home Lighting Brands” and “Top 10 Emerging Intelligent Lighting Brands“, with brand value rising year after year. MANUFACTURING STRENGTH Huayi Lighting Headquarters has two major manufacturing centers – Huayi Industrial Park Manufacturing Center and Huayi Engineering Manufacturing Center (Shalide Factory), covering a total area of 226000 square meters with a total of 26 production […]

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About Heshan Empolo Sanitary Ware Company Heshan Empolo Sanitary Ware Company was founded in 2003, with the concept of spreading the Chinese craftsman spirit globally, after years of development and accumulation, supplies bathroom space integration solutions to customers around the world. EMPOLO provides dozens of series of products to meet the diversified demands of customers at home and abroad and has gradually mored into mainstream markets around the world, servicing billions of consumers. Based in Foshan, the sanitary ware/ceramic capital of China, EMPOLO has been committed to the integration and innovation of culturally designed technology at home and abroad. From senior product engineers to management and service personnel, all staff of EMPOLO continuously supply products with elegant designs, simple & practical, and exquisite quality to global users. EMPOLO’S quality products attracted worldwide attention and implemented quality management in strict accordance with international quality standards, getting the certifications of CUPC in North America, WATERMARK & WELS in Australia, SASO in Saudi Arabia, TIS in Thailand, and so on. Franchise stores are throughout dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, Sweden, Doha, Dubai, Saudi, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Mal- dives. Meanwhile EMPOLO implements the globalization brand management strategy, It has built […]

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About Senyuan Furniture Company Founded in 1994, Senyuan Furniture Co.,ltd has more than 1000 professional employees. It is the leading enterprise in the customized hotel furniture industry with a massive production scale. Senyuan Furniture Co.,ltd possesses the business plate of hotel furniture, Yayuan space ornaments, MOMACASA integrated wooden customized furniture solutions, etc, and provides integrated comprehensive services for design, construction, furniture, and accessories industries. The marketing network of Senyuan furniture products covers more than 30 countries and regions across five continents and has delivered high-quality products and services to more than 2600 hotels around the world. We have been providing customized furniture and accessories to renowned hotels such as Reggie, Intercontinental, Four Seasons, W, Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Park Hyatt, Emmy, Conrad, Marriott, Shangri La, Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, Westin, Wyndham, Peninsula, Wynn, Banyan Tree, Anantara, Kempinski, Millennium, as well as all well-known domestic properties such as Greentown, Poly, Evergrande, Hejing Taifu, China Resources, Qiaoxin, Wanda, R&F Xinghewan etc in long-term contracts. Senyuan Furniture has always been committed to improving furniture craftsmanship and quality, with a large-scale technology research and development team in the industry, and more than 300 technical research and development personnel, Senyuan Furniture has won many honors both at […]

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Brief introduction to Guangzhou Stark Yacht Marina Engineering Company Guangzhou Stark Yacht Marina Engineering Co.,ltd. is a officially registered yacht marina engineering company in China, which specialized in yacht marina project development, yacht dock design and construction, ocean engineering material production and export. We are the most professional yacht marina company in mainland China, which provides a full range of services from design, manufacturing to construction and installation. Our provide all range of products in yacht marina engineering industry, from the main part of the marina, bridge approach, gangway, floating pontoon bridge, pontoon ect, to the accessories of professional marina, hydropower equipment, mooring equipment, safety equipment and so on. The high quality products and exquisite craft has helped Star Yacht marina to win good reputation both at home and abroad. Stark yacht marina is located in guangzhou and with 10000 square meters of production and assembly workshop, and it has accumulated rich experience in water engineering design and construction, we combined foreign design concepts and advanced technology to set up the company’s quality management system which conform with with the industry norms and standards in countries such as the UK and Italy. We expanded rapidly in the past decade and have established […]

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Brief introduction to Guangdong Lvtong Electric Vehicle Technology Factory Located in Hexi Industry Park, Zhengteng Industry Zone, Hongmei, Guangdong Lvtong Electric Vehicle Technology Factory was established in 2004, it covers an area of more than 50000 square meters with a productive capacity of about 2000 units per month. We combine the merits of E-Z-GO,CLUB CAR, and YAMAHA in our car production and introduce German technology at the same time, through years of endeavor, we have built our car series which conforms to the technical standards of imported electric cars. The cover parts of our cars are characterized by fashion and durability and are made of special PPautomobile engineering material. The operation system of our cars which developed ourselves is equipped with an agile and smooth steering system and independent suspension. Thanks to the featured styles, nice quality and fast responding customer service, Our cars have gained a good reputation both at home and abroad and are being sold to almost every corner of the world such as Korea, Australia, India, USA, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, etc. We also cooperated with our customers elsewhere in the world by sharing our brand and technology and developing new products. We are also capable of […]

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Guangzhou to Zhongshan transfer To visitors who come to China for procurement and travel, it can be a great pity to miss the city of Zhongshan, as Zhongshan are renowned for both abundant travel resources and lighting industry. there are many lighting markets in Zhongshan, among which starlight allign lighting center is the top priority, it gathers many lighting brandings both at home and abroad, you will find tens of thousands different type of lighting fixtures here. To access Zhongshan from Guangzhou is the most comvinient way, as the distance between two cities is only 100 km, it takes only 1 hour ride to get to this city of lighting by using Mr orange transfer service. How to get from Guangzhou to Zhongshan: After you have booked Mr. Orange’s car rental service, we will have a dedicated person get in touch with you to understand your itinerary and confirm your destination in Zhongshan. It is very necessary as there are many lighting fixture markets, and their names can be quite similar. Sometimes, drivers may get confused with addresses, which could delay your valuable time. The day before your departure, we will set up a WeChat or WhatsApp group chat which […]

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