Things You Can See or Do at the Hanyangling Tomb and Museum 

hangyangling tomb

No doubt about it, China has a rich history, interesting culture, and definitely lot’s of attractions that will marvel your tour to the most popular and populous country in Asia. Also known as the Yang Mausoleum of Han, the Hanyangling Tomb is one of China’s most amazing attractions that you may not know about. It is located just a few miles from the famous city of Xian. The tomb is the resting place of Han Dynasty’s Emperor Jing and his empress Wang, along with other important figures in the empire’s history. Also known as Liu Qi, emperor Jingdi was the 4th emperor of one of the most spoken Chinese empires in the ancient BC years, the Han Dynasty.

It also features historic graveyards for criminals, slave burial pits, and a couple of other burial sites that are fascinating to watch. The underground museum is quite an amazing piece of ancient art and creativity that many tourists from around the world are marveled by, year in year out. There is an above ground exhibition, which is also part of the mausoleum where archeology scholars and vacationers can participate in archeological excavations outside the premises.

The fascinating thing is that this attraction is expansive, with an estimated 10 sq. kilometers in size, yet the emperor Jingdi’s tomb is right at the center of the main facility and surrounding the burial pits for some of the dynasty’s officials. There’s quite a lot more for visitors to see, including ancient (terracotta) warriors, officials, and their animals including chariot horses in clay figures. Some parts of the exhibition feature glass floors and figurines or warriors walking in blue shoes, bringing out some kind of scenery that is breathtaking.

Thousands of fascinating excavation artifacts can be viewed at the Han Yang Ling Tomb and museum’s exhibition. Due to its close proximity to the city of Xian and the fact that it is easily accessible by bus, Hanyangling is one of the most visited attractions on this side of China. There are also travel agencies, hotels, and other service providers that provide tour guides to the Han yang ling tomb at affordable rates throughout the year.

You may want to bring a camera along when visiting the Hanyangling tomb!