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Guangzhou 72 hour TWOV and China Southern free accommodation Guangzhou, a vibrant metropolis in southern China, stands as a bustling hub for international travelers. Beyond its reputation as an economic powerhouse, Guangzhou boasts a unique offering that sets it apart— the 72-hour Transit Without Visa (TWOV) policy, opening doors to a short yet enriching stay for eligible passengers. Adding to the allure is China Southern Airlines, which goes the extra mile by providing free accommodation during layovers. In this article, we unravel the intricacies of Guangzhou’s TWOV policy and delve into the seamless experience facilitated by China Southern, ensuring that your layover becomes an opportunity for cultural exploration and relaxation. Understanding Guangzhou’s 72-Hour TWOV A. Unveiling the TWOV Policy The 72-hour Transit Without Visa (TWOV) policy is a game-changer for transit passengers, allowing them to explore Guangzhou without the need for a visa. The eligibility criteria are relatively straightforward, targeting citizens of specific countries passing through Baiyun International Airport. To qualify, travelers must have a confirmed onward ticket to a third country or region within the stipulated 72-hour timeframe. This innovative policy aims to promote tourism, offering a brief but immersive experience for those in transit. Participating nationalities, primarily from […]

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1.Guangzhou to Gulong skywalk Glass Bridge: Tucked away amidst the natural wonders of Guangzhou, the Gulong Canyon Glass Bridge beckons adventure-seekers with the promise of heart-stopping vistas and architectural marvels. As one of the must-visit destinations in the region, this glass bridge stands as both a testament to human ingenuity and a gateway to nature’s breathtaking beauty. This article serves as your guide, providing intricate details on the various transportation options available, ensuring your journey is as seamless and thrilling as the destination itself. The allure of Gulong Canyon Glass Bridge lies not only in its glass-bottomed walkway suspended high above the canyon floor but also in the panoramic views it offers of the surrounding lush landscapes. To embark on this exhilarating journey, you’ll need to navigate the bustling urban landscape of Guangzhou. Fear not, as we delve into the various modes of transportation, uncovering the most convenient and picturesque routes for your adventure. 2. Gulong Canyon Glass Bridge Overview: Before delving into the logistics of reaching the Gulong Canyon Glass Bridge, let’s take a moment to appreciate the magnificence that awaits. Spanning across a dramatic canyon landscape, the bridge is a marvel of modern engineering, allowing visitors to experience […]

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1. Brief Introduction to Gulong Gorge: Nestled within the heart of Guangzhou, Gulong Gorge stands as a testament to the exquisite beauty that nature has to offer. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this hidden gem beckons adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. As we embark on a journey to explore the wonders of Gulong Gorge, prepare to be captivated by its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and the tranquility that envelops the entire area. 2. Gulong Gorge Summary: Gulong Gorge, also known as Gulongxia, is a breathtaking canyon surrounded by lush greenery and towering cliffs. Located approximately 120 kilometers north of Guangzhou, the gorge spans across an expansive area, providing a haven for those seeking refuge from the urban chaos. The name “Gulong” translates to “ancient dragon,” a fitting title considering the mythical aura that surrounds the gorge. This natural wonder is not merely a testament to geological marvels; it also holds historical significance dating back centuries. Legend has it that Gulong Gorge was formed by a powerful dragon that once roamed the region, creating the awe-inspiring landscape we witness today. While the dragon may be a mythical creature, the geological forces that shaped the […]

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Practical Tips for Guangzhou Layover Tours Guangzhou, often referred to as the “City of Five Rams,” is a sprawling metropolis in southern China that effortlessly blends a rich historical tapestry with the dynamism of modernity. As the capital of Guangdong province, Guangzhou has played a pivotal role in China’s economic development, acting as a crucial gateway for trade and cultural exchange. While the prospect of a layover might seem restrictive, Guangzhou’s strategic location and efficient infrastructure make it an ideal city to explore during a brief stopover. To maximize your Guangzhou layover tour experience, consider the following practical tips. As visitors traverse the city, they encounter iconic landmarks that define Guangzhou’s identity. The Canton Tower, a soaring architectural marvel, offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Shamian Island, with its colonial architecture, provides a glimpse into Guangzhou’s colonial past. The Pearl River, threading through the city, adds a picturesque charm to the urban landscape. For those embarking on a Guangzhou layover tour, this vibrant city offers a perfect blend of historical depth and modern allure. Learn more about iconic landmarks in Guangzhou 1. Visa Requirements for Your Guangzhou Layover Tour: Before embarking on your Guangzhou layover tour adventure, familiarize yourself […]

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Inquiry a Guangzhou layover tour with Mr orange transfer Guangzhou, a southern metropolis of China, has been a cultural, political, and economic center since ancient times. It has rich historical and cultural heritage, delicious food, and unique shopping resources which attract visitors from both at home and abroad to come and experience. Guangzhou is also a transportation hub of south China where you can easily transit to any other cities in China by plane.  Not having a tour of this city is far more disappointing to those who will do transition at the airport and have a few hours stopover than it would be for anyone else, simply given miss the chance to see this bustling city. How much time I will need for a Guangzhou layover tour Are you struggling with whether to have a Guangzhou layover tour to fulfill 6 hours of wait-for-transit time at the airport and want to find someone indigenous to this area to help you work out a seamless schedule to make the most of your time? Be adamant about your dream tour as now you are in the right place. To Plan a Guangzhou layover tour from airport, You have to be aware that […]

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Guangzhou to Zhongshan transfer To visitors who come to China for procurement and travel, it can be a great pity to miss the city of Zhongshan, as Zhongshan are renowned for both abundant travel resources and lighting industry. there are many lighting markets in Zhongshan, among which starlight allign lighting center is the top priority, it gathers many lighting brandings both at home and abroad, you will find tens of thousands different type of lighting fixtures here. To access Zhongshan from Guangzhou is the most comvinient way, as the distance between two cities is only 100 km, it takes only 1 hour ride to get to this city of lighting by using Mr orange transfer service. How to get from Guangzhou to Zhongshan: After you have booked Mr. Orange’s car rental service, we will have a dedicated person get in touch with you to understand your itinerary and confirm your destination in Zhongshan. It is very necessary as there are many lighting fixture markets, and their names can be quite similar. Sometimes, drivers may get confused with addresses, which could delay your valuable time. The day before your departure, we will set up a WeChat or WhatsApp group chat which […]

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How to get from Guangzhou to Zhongshan Located in between the cities of Guangzhou and Zhuhai, Zhongshan is a city in the Zhujiang Delta area of Guangdong province, China. Zhongshan is famous for the manufacturing industry which specializes in electrical appliances, clothing, and toys. Meanwhile, it is also a logistics center with a transportation network accessible to all cities in South China by highways, railways, and waterways. Zhongshan is a densely populated city with a population of about 4 million, it enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate with distinct four seasons. Zhongshan is also a charming city for traveling, it has many famous scenic spots such as Sun Yat Sen’s former residence, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Sun Yat Sen Park, etc. To those who have already arrived in Guangzhou city, Zhongshan is a nice option for traveling and procurement, as it is located in the vicinity of Guangzhou,you can access the city of Zhongshan from Guangzhou by the following 3 ways. Take a private ride from Guangzhou to Zhongshan To make sure you will be transfered to your destination in Zhongshan punctually and safely, We would highly recommend you to pre-book our private transfer service from Guangzhou to Zhongshan. 1, […]

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Transfer Summary: Congratulations on your upcoming journey to Foshan! As you prepare for an exciting adventure, it’s essential to have a well-structured plan for getting from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Foshan seamlessly. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the necessary information, tips, and options to make your transit smooth and enjoyable. Let’s dive into the specifics of understanding the distance, transportation choices, budget considerations, and how to embrace the local culture along the way. Understanding the Distance and Geography: Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is located about 50 kilometers north of Foshan. This distance may seem intimidating, but fret not! With the right transportation options, you’ll reach your destination conveniently and without any hassles. Convenient Transportation Options: a) Airport Shuttle Service: One of the most convenient and budget-friendly ways to get to Foshan is by using the airport shuttle service. These shuttles operate frequently, offering a direct link between Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and Foshan. Look for signs indicating the shuttle station, and within no time, you’ll be on your way to Foshan comfortably. b) Metro System: For travelers who wish to explore the local transit system, Guangzhou’s efficient metro system is an excellent choice. The Airport South Metro Station within […]

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How to get from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to the city center? Located on the Pearl River, Guangzhou has a rich maritime history dating back over 2,000 years. As China’s primary transport and trading hub with a major port, Guangzhou was also one of the starting points of the famous Silk Road. Today, visitors to this vibrant city can enjoy its bustling downtown area, delicious cuisine, stunning scenery, and the renowned Cantonese Opera House. When arriving at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, there are three transportation options to get to the city: taxi, metro or bus. Taking a taxi or private transfer is a great option for those seeking safe and reliable door-to-door transportation available 24/7. This mode of transport can get you to your hotel in just 30 minutes. For a more cost-effective option, visitors can take the direct metro Line 3 which travels between the airport and city center in just 30 minutes. Alternatively, there are several bus lines that travel to and from Downtown with varying travel times averaging around an hour. Distance to old town area: The oldest downtown area in Guangzhou is Yuexiu District which includes many historical and cultural sites spanning over eight dynasties and 2,000 […]

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