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Car hire to Mount Huashan-Mr orange transfers


Huashan mountain hike

How to visit the world famous Mountain Huashan in a day from Xi’an? Hire a car with driver from Mr orange transfer might be your best choice,it will take 2 hours comfortable ride to get to the Mountain Huashan from Xi’an downtown, and when arrived,You will be stopped at Mountain Huashan for about 6 hours hiking tour,Our driver dress in formal, well behaved and always ready for help and we provide 24 hours English speaking customer service,Book with us and enjoy a hassle free transfer service with the best local transfer company: Mr orange transfer!

Tariff  (Pls note our price is per car, NOT per person):

1 Person 2 Persons 3-5 Persons 6-9 Persons >10 Person
160USD 170USD 185USD 200USD Contact us for accurate quote

General information:

  • Departure time: 8:00 am (suggest time, subject to change based on your request)
  • Estimated returning time: 18:00 pm
  • Transfer duration: 4 hours
  • Include: Driver, Fuel, Parking fee, Toll fee
  • Exclude: Lunch, Entrance tickets, Gratitude for a good job
  • Pick up point: Your hotel in down town Xi’an
  • Drop off point: Your hotel in down town Xi’an

Why rent a car with driver?

Travelling to new places is intended to be fun and luxurious. However, this always comes with a cost; a cost of time, a cost of money, and a cost of effort. That is where we come in. Our car rental service is made and designed in a very flexible way that can be tailored to your specific needs at every specific moment. You will be driven to the destination while you relax and only wait to arrive.

  • The Efficient Service
    We have a topnotch service with fully licensed drivers that know the ins and outs of China. They will cater to your every need besides just driving. They can help you pay your tickets out and to attend to lunch breaks during your visit whenever you feel it’s necessary.Our vehicles are new. They are equipped with every accessory you would need like air-conditioning, air bags, seat belts, fire extinguishers, and more.


  • You Get To Save
    Unlike the inconveniences you would get from having to look for taxi cabs and incur huge charges, our team would stay with you all day long. If you experience difficulties, you can always call our customer service: 0086-13910694045.You can keep the driver and the car for hours and your rates will be customized to suit you.There are no hidden charges and you get what you see.


  • You Are Flexible
    You can always call for the service at any time, even very early in the morning. You will be taken to wherever it is you want to go, and you can stay there for as long as you feel you want to.You are also able to come with up to 4 friends if you like. This will help you to save on money just as much as it would be more fun.Our driver speaks a little English and will help you overcome many hurdles in communication during difficulty. You may need to download Chinese basic English cheat sheet to speak with the driver though.

Why choose us:

We provide 7*24 hours English speaking customer service and our driver will help you to buy entrance ticket

Absolutely NO shopping, NO detour, NO factory tour.

Driver dress in formal, Well behaved, with clean car and reliable service every time

Book a taxi within minutes and pay by cash or card (online)

We don’t spend a cent on any costly advertising to make our price 20% cheaper than competitors.

Vehicles are equipped with Car Air Purifier, We ensure the density of pm2.5 is under 100 in car

Before getting to Xi’an

you are advised to find the information below via this site: All information will be updated only 24 hours ahead of your arrival date.

  • Driver’s name
  • Driver’s photo
  • Driver’s contact Number
  • Vehicle’s plate Number
  • Vehicle’s branding


Time schedule:

 8:00 am:

  • Pick up (suggest time, subject to change based on your request) On the tour date, go to the lobby of your hotel at the appointment time, In case you are unable to see our driver (this has never happened before), we strongly suggest you try the following procedure to get in touch with us. We will do our best to solve your problem on the spot.
  • Go to the front desk of your hotel (staff there speak English and are always ready to help), and ask the staff to make a phone call to our customer hotline: 0086-13910694045 and ask for help.


 10:00 am:

  • Arrive at the parking lot of Mountain Huashan-Your car will always be parking there, and waiting for your return.


 10:00-16:00 am:

  • Driver will go with you to entrance office and help you to buy tickets.
  • He will also show you where the toilet is if you ask for.
  • You will have 2 options for Mountain Huashan.
  • By foot: 4 hours hiking to the North peak, 8 hours to South peak.
  • By North peak cable car: 15 minutes by cable car, 5 hours hiking to South peak.
  • By West peak cable car: 30 minutes by cable car, 4 hours hiking to South peak,Middle peak and East peak.



Ticket price(Our driver would guide you to buy ticket if request):

  • Entrance ticket to Mountain Huashan: High season(Mar-Nov): 180RMB | Low season(Dec-Feb): 100RMB
  • North peak cable car(15mintues): High season(Mar-Nov): 80RMB single way| Low season(Dec-Feb): 45RMB   Shuttle bus: 20RMB single way
  • West peak cable car(30 minutes): High season(Mar-Nov): 140RMB single way| Low season(Dec-Feb): 120RMB  Shuttle bus: 40RMB single way

Mountain Huashan

The most dangerous destination for mountain hiking that has been suggested by many in the world is a hike to Mount Huashan Xi’an. The hike begins with the heavenly stairs, a long and steep narrow concrete steps that are tolerable at best. The Black Dragon Ridge can be ventured by only the most courageous trekkers. The ridge narrower and steeper and it has got sharp drops towards its right and left.

Read more:

 16:00 am:

  • Go back to the parking lot, meet your driver and drive to a nice local restaurant if requested

Lunch in xi'an

 16:00-18:00 pm:

  • Drive back to your hotel

Our Vehicles:

Our vehicles are equipped with GPS system and in car WI-FI device.


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