Shanghai Pudong airport transfer

Shanghai Pudong Airport transfer to city center

Shanghai pudong airport transfer

Since Shanghai’s opening to outside China in the 19th century, It has become a hub for the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures, incorporating both traditional Chinese elements and modern Western styles. The international architectural complex on the Bund outstandingly showcases Shanghai’s unique urban style.

Shanghai also has a variety of cultural activities and festival celebrations. Every year, activities such as the Shanghai International Art Festival and Shanghai Fashion Week attract countless domestic and foreign tourists to participate. At the same time, Shanghai’s culinary culture has also attracted much attention, from traditional snacks to modern creative dishes, all of which are unforgettable.
This is a city full of vitality and charm, with unlimited development potential in areas such as commerce, culture, and tourism. As an international metropolis, Shanghai will continue to leverage its unique advantages and charm to attract more people to explore and discover here.

Pudong International Airport, located in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China, is a world-class aviation hub, a gateway and iconic port for China’s opening-up, and one of the busiest airports in China.

Every year, a large number of domestic and foreign tourists choose Pudong International Airport as their gateway to enter Shanghai. So, how can you smoothly reach the center of Shanghai from Pudong Airport? Below, we will provide you with a detailed introduction to various modes of transportation.

1, Subway

Shanghai subway

The subway is the most convenient and cost-effective way to get from Shanghai Pudong Airport transfer to the center of Shanghai. At present, Pudong Airport has two subway lines: Metro Line 2 and maglev trains.

Subway Line 2: Taking Subway Line 2 from Pudong Airport can directly reach multiple stations in the urban area of Shanghai, such as Nanjing East Road Station, People’s Square Station, etc. Subway Line 2 has two stations, T1 and T2, at Pudong Airport. Passengers can choose the appropriate station based on their departure location. The operation time of Metro Line 2 is relatively stable and it is the preferred mode of transportation for most passengers.

Maglev train: Take the maglev train from Pudong Airport to Longyang Road Station, then transfer to Metro Line 2 or other subway lines to reach the city center. The speed of the maglev train is very fast, it only takes 8 minutes from Pudong Airport to Longyang Road Station. However, the ticket price of maglev trains is relatively high, making them suitable for passengers with high time requirements.

2, Taxi

Taking a taxi for Shanghai Pudong Airport transfer to the city center is a relatively comfortable and expensive way, suitable for carrying a large amount of luggage or a large number of people. At Pudong Airport, the taxi waiting area is located at the airport exit, and passengers can easily get there by the guidance of signs. Pls, be noted that the taxi fare in Shanghai might be double charged based on mileage and time, and also it is necessary to acknowledge that you will have to queue up for a taxi there. It is advisable to pre-book a taxi with a greeting service at the airport to avoid all those hassles.

Price for Private Shanghai Pudong Airport Transfer To Your hotel in downtown.

Price (Pls note our price is per car, NOT per person):

1 Person 2 Person 3-5 Person 6-9 Person >10 Person
45 USD 50 USD  66USD  102USD Contact us for accurate quote

This service is available daily. The above price is for adults (age > 12). The price for children (ages 2-12) is the same as the adult price and the infant price (age < 2) will be free of charge. This price includes the transfer service with a private car and a driver who can speak a little English.

As a distinguished travel agency, we take great pride in offering an unparalleled and exceptional range of services. Our primary focus is on providing secure, reliable, and fast transportation options for airport, train, port transfers, as well as taxi tours. With over a decade of experience in the taxi and minicab industry, we guarantee that Mr. Orange will always connect you with the finest drivers and cars available.

At Mr. Orange Transfer, we prioritize customer satisfaction by offering round-the-clock English-speaking customer service. Unlike our competitors, we have never invested in costly advertising campaigns. Instead, our reputation has been built solely through positive word-of-mouth referrals from our satisfied clients. This allows us to maintain prices that are 20% lower than those of our rivals.

3, Airport shuttle bus

In addition to the subway and taxi, You can also opt for taking shuttle bus to get from Shanghai Pudong Airport transfer to the city center. At present, multiple long-distance bus companies operate routes from Pudong Airport to the downtown area of Shanghai, and ticket prices vary depending on the destination. The advantage of long-distance buses is that their prices are relatively low, but it should be awared that the comfort level of buses may not be as good as those of subways and taxis and also it will take much longer time to get to your destination.

Three Steps to Meet Your Driver in Shanghai

Step 1: Pre-Arrival Information

Before your arrival, we will provide you with all the necessary information to ensure a smooth meeting with your driver. This includes the driver’s name, photo, contact number, vehicle’s plate number, vehicle’s branding, capacity for customers and languages spoken. Additionally, we will provide you with a electronic map and instructions for your destination.
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Step 2: Upon your arrival

Upon arrival, follow the designated position as shown in our email to meet your driver. In the unlikely event that you are unable to locate our driver, please follow these steps to get in touch with us: 1. Go to the information desk opposite the terminal exit where English-speaking staff are available to assist you. 2. Ask them to call our 24/7 emergency line provided in our confirmation letter and request assistance. We are committed to resolving any issues promptly and ensuring your satisfaction.
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Step 3: Driver Services

Our drivers are dedicated to providing excellent service and can assist you with various needs during your journey: 1. If you require directions or need assistance finding the nearest toilet or money exchange, feel free to ask your driver. 2. At hotels or airports, your driver will be there to help you with luggage handling and check-in formalities. 3. Our vehicles have spacious trunks that can accommodate all of your luggage comfortably. 4. If you require additional amenities such as Wi-Fi, GPS devices, baby seats, or car air purifiers, please inform your driver who will be happy to assist.
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Our Vehicles:

Our vehicles are equipped with GPS system and in car WI-FI device.


How do We ensure our services are always reliable & on time:

1, Our driver has to report their work in 5 procedures via Wechat app every time.

  • We keep a close eye on your flight’s status, so even if there are delays or changes in schedule, we’ll be there to pick you up on time. You can relax knowing that we are constantly monitoring your arrival to provide prompt service.

2,Confident and reliable

  • We provide our customers with competent and reliable drivers. Our drivers are accustomed with routes to tourist destinations, hotels, and restaurants.

3,About our Vehicles

  • Our vehicles are licensed and registered by the Shanghai tourism administration.
  • We replace our tour vehicles after every 4 years, as such your tour vehicle will be less than 2 years old.
  • In order to give you a perception of your tour car, we’ll send you photos of our tour car before your departure.
  • All our vehicles are insured and each seat covers up to 50,000 RMB.

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Why you will need a private airport transfer service in Shanghai:

1,Compare with express railway Our transfer service are private and comfortable, Our driver will hold sign to greet you at designated position. We will make everything smooth and easy.

2, Compare with airport taxi service We are 40% Cheaper and without and surcharge Our van are comfortable non smoking. Our driver dress in formal & always well behaved We provide 7*24 hoursEnglish speaking customer service.

3, Compare with airport shuttle bus We are private transfer and customer will NOT need to wait for a fixed departure timetable. We are easy going, We promise to drop you off anywhere you point on Shanghai map. Our van are with bigger space for you and your family, We will make everything smooth and easy.

How to manage Shanghai pudong airport transfer to scenic spots in Shanghai

1,The Bund

The Bund is one of Shanghai’s iconic attractions. Strolling along the Bund, You can not only enjoy a complex of buildings with historical value but also glance at the beautiful night scenery on both sides of the river and immerse yourself in the dazzling romantic atmosphere of Shanghai. 

How to manage Shanghai pudong airport transfer to the Bund

Subway: Take Line 2 of the subway to Nanjing East Road Station, exit from Exit 2 and walk for about 5 minutes to reach the Bund.

Bus: Take bus routes 55, 65, or 921 to Zhongshan East Road Nanjing East Road Station, and walk for about 2 minutes to reach the Bund.

2,Oriental Pearl TV Tower Tower

As one of the landmark buildings in Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, 468 meters high, is the tallest tower in China. You can take the elevator to the top of the tower, grab a panoramic view of the city, and experience the grandeur and prosperity of Shanghai. Inside the tower, there are various entertainment facilities and restaurants for your leisure and dining.  

How to manage Shanghai pudong airport transfer to Oriental Pearl TV Tower Tower

Metro: Take Metro Line 2 to Lujiazui Station, and walk about 10 minutes from Exit 1 to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower Tower.

Bus: Take bus 870, 871, 872 to Lujiazui Ring Road Fenghe Road Station, and walk about 5 minutes to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower Tower.

3,Shanghai Museum

Shanghai museum

The Shanghai Museum is a comprehensive museum that integrates history, art, and science. The museum houses a large number of precious cultural relics, including bronze ware, ceramics, calligraphy and painting, jade, and other artworks. Here, you can gain a deeper understanding of Shanghai’s history and culture, and experience the profound heritage of this city. The exhibit is a very rich selection, including various ancient Chinese artworks and historical relics. By visiting museums, you can learn about the vast and profound ancient Chinese culture.

How to manage Shanghai pudong airport transfer to Shanghai Museum

Subway: Take Line 1 or Line 4 of the subway to People’s Square Station, exit from Exit 1 and walk for about 5 minutes to reach the Shanghai Museum.

Bus: Take bus routes 802, 805, 806, etc. to the People’s Square Station and get off. Walk for about 3 minutes to reach the Shanghai Museum.

4,Chenghuang Temple in Shanghai


Chenghuang Miao in Shanghai is a Taoist temple with a long history, built in the 12th century AD. Here, you can enjoy traditional architectural styles and feel the charm of Chinese religious culture. In addition, there are many famous snack and shopping places near the Chenghuang Temple for you to taste and shop. With the strong influence given by the local architectural trend, The statues and decorations inside the temple are full of elements of Taoist culture. In the Chenghuang Temple, you can visit ancient buildings and sculptures to learn more about Chinese Taoist culture. Meanwhile, don’t miss famous snacks and shopping places nearby.

How to manage Shanghai pudong airport transfer to Chenghuang Temple in Shanghai

Metro: Take Metro Line 10 to Yu Garden Station, and walk about 5 minutes from Exit 3 to Chenghuang Temple in Shanghai.

Bus: Take bus No.11, No.26, No.42, No.46 to Yu Garden Station, and walk for about 3 minutes to Chenghuang Temple in Shanghai.

5,Yu Garden

Yu Garden is a traditional Chinese garden, built in the 16th century. The park features an exquisite garden layout and architectural design, including rockeries, ponds, pavilions, and long corridors. Here, you can feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture and ease your mind. The architectural style of Yu Garden is unique and full of poetic and picturesque atmosphere. The park’s landscape, flowers, trees, pavilions, and other elements have been carefully designed and laid out. Walking in Yu Garden, you can enjoy beautiful scenery and exquisite sculptures.

How to manage Shanghai pudong airport transfer to Yu Garden

Same as Chenghuang Temple in Shanghai, you can take subway line 10 to Yu Garden Garden Station or take bus No. 11, 26, 42, 46 to Yu Garden Garden Station. After leaving the station, you can walk about 5 minutes to Yu Garden.


Disneyland is a theme park featuring various Disney animated characters. This place is suitable for family travelers and is especially a paradise for children. Here are theme areas and amusement facilities for various classic Disney animated characters, such as Fantasy World and Adventure World. At the same time, various exciting performances allow you to fully enjoy the joy and excitement brought by the park and will bring the child’s Disney animated stars to life.

How to manage Shanghai pudong airport transfer to Disneyland

Subway: Take Line 11 of the subway to Disneyland Station, exit from Exit 1 and walk for about 10 minutes to reach the entrance of Disneyland.

Bus: Take bus Pudong 50, Pudong 51, and Pudong 52 to Disneyland Station, and walk for about 5 minutes to reach the entrance of Disneyland.

7,Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is an important base for popular science education, showcasing various scientific knowledge and achievements. There are various interactive exhibitions and scientific experiment displays in the museum, allowing you to experience the fun of science firsthand. For children, this is a great place to gain knowledge and inspire wisdom. The exhibitions in the Science and Technology Museum are very diverse, including various fields such as the mysteries of life and space exploration. The display here is not only interesting but also in vivid style, allowing you to understand scientific knowledge and principles through interaction. This is a place full of knowledge and fun, suitable not only for children but also for adults to explore and experience the beauty of science.

How to manage Shanghai pudong airport transfer to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Subway: Take Metro Line 2 to the Science and Technology Museum Station, exit from Exit 1 and walk for about 5 minutes to reach the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

Bus: Take bus routes 64, 794, 815, etc. to the Century Park subway station, and walk for about 3 minutes to reach the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

8,Shanghai Wildlife Park

Shanghai Wildlife Park is one of the largest national-level wildlife parks in China, with a variety of rare animals and performance programs. Here, you can observe the living habits and characteristics of animals up close and feel the charm of nature. At the same time, there are various entertainment facilities and performance programs here, allowing you to have more fun while playing. There are various rare animals and performances in the wildlife park, such as giant pandas and giraffes.

How to manage Shanghai pudong airport transfer to Shanghai Wildlife Park

Subway: Take Metro Line 16 to the Wildlife Park Station, exit from Exit 3 and walk for about 10 minutes to reach the entrance of Shanghai Wildlife Park.

9,Jing’an Temple

Jing’an Temple is one of the famous Buddhist temples in Shanghai, with a long history dating back to the 7th century AD. Inside the temple, there are various Buddha statues and cultural relics showcasing the profound cultural heritage of Buddhism, allowing you to escape to a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. It is a great place to ease your mind. The architectural style of Jing’an Temple is unique, elegant, and solemn. The Buddha statues are exquisitely carved and vividly display the Chinese Buddhist culture.

How to manage Shanghai pudong airport transfer to Jing’an Temple

Subway: Taking Metro Line 2 directly from Pudong Airport to Jing’an Temple Station is a relatively fast and convenient way. Subway Line 2 connects Pudong Airport and the city center of Shanghai, depart every 5-8 minutes. It takes about 60 minutes to arrive at Jing’an Temple Station from Pudong Airport.

FAQs about the Transfer Services:

What if my flight is delayed?
  1. We stay on track with your flight status. We make sure to confirm your boarding information with the airline one hour after your scheduled departure. We get confirmation you are aboard and that your flight is on time.
  1. By using a cell app, our operations staff and guide double-check the arrival time on the arrival day. We use a real-time flight tracking. Our guide will be at the terminal 10 minutes before your arrival time, and you will take minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour after arrival to clear custom and collect your luggage.
Mobile App for real-time flight information
What if my flight arrival time is early or late?

For any flight arriving before 6am or after 10pm, we only provide a driver transfer service. Our drivers are experienced and speak a little English. To ensure smooth communication between you and the driver, we have designed a bilingual instruction paper that is carried by the driver, with a range of questions and answers in both Chinese and English. Also, a translator support is available by calling one of our emergency contact. We will try our very best to solve your problem on the spot.

How much weight am I allowed to take to China? And how much would I have to pay for extra weight?

Typical weight allowances for international flights ranges from 20–40 kg. For domestic flights weight allowance is 20 kg. For extra weight, there is a charge of 1.5% of the total airfare per extra kilo. Please make sure you confirm with your airline. Also, in case you if you’re bringing excess or oversize luggage we recommend you inform about it so we can make necessary arrangements if a special care is needed for your luggage (oversize luggage).

What should I do if my China visa expires?

There is no need to panic if your China visa is about to expire, just inform us and ask your guide to show you to the Beijing Entry and Exit Administration Bureau to extend your visa. Our local office in Beijing can provide a document to prove your status as a tourist and your departure date. Normally, It should take 3 working days to complete the procedure.

What if my luggage is lost?

We are experienced in dealing with unpredictable circumstances such as tracing for lost luggage, visa problems, etc. Our driver are friendly, enthusiastic and are adamant to assist you! Feel free to let us know if you need any help.