How To Get To Huaqing Hot Spring

Huaqing Hot Spring is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, currently holding the title of being “The Number 1 Hot Spring in China”. Huaqing Pool is in itself a collection of hot springs located at the base of Mount Li in the eastern regions of Xi’an province. The historically- and culturally-rich travel destination once served emperors and their royal family members. Today, the attraction is featured alongside scenic and natural landscapes, majestic palaces, stately pavilions and the Nine Dragon Lake.

How To Get To Huaqing Hot Spring
Huaqing Hot Springs park can be found approximately 32 kilometers on the east side of Xian Bell Tower and about 8 kilometers west if you’re coming off the Terracotta Warrior’s Museum. Most tourists usually get to the spring after visiting the impressive collection of terra cotta warriors.
There are currently 2 ways on how you can get to Huaqing Hot Spring- by Bus or by Airport Shuttle.
Getting to the spring by Bus. With the Xian Railway Station as your starting point, you can ride the Tourism Bus number 5 (or sometimes known as Bus 306) to get to the hot springs. Alternately, you can use the Terracotta Army Museum as your starting point and take Tourism Bus number 5 or 306 to get to Huaqing Spring. The estimated time period of the commute is around 45 minutes.
Getting to the hot springs by Airport Shuttle. You can ride any of the 3 shuttle buses running from the airport to Huaqing Hot Spring everyday. The schedule of the shuttle is as follows- the bus departs at 10:30 am, at 1 pm and at 4:30 pm.
There’s also a free shuttle from Xian North Railway heading to the spring and one from the Terracotta Army Museum heading to the spring. Entrance fee ranges from RMB 120 to RMB 150 (depending on the season). The Huaqing Hot Spring opens 7 am to 6 pm from March to November and 7:30 am to 6:30 pm from December to February.