Shanghai Cheng Huang Miao temple

chenghuangmiao temple


The Shanghai Cheng Huang Miao temple is one of those iconic scenes every visitor in Shanghai, China can never miss to pay a visit to. This temple is known to commemorate the uplifting of the ordinary old Shanghai to that which is accorded with a municipal status. The synonym for this awesome place is the Old City Gold Temple. Shanghai Chenghuanmiao as it’s normally referred to is one of the most visited places because of its past history together with it offering a one stop shopping center.

There is no doubt that in China; most cities will never miss to have a certain temple that is directly connected to a particular god. The Shanghai Cheng Huang Miao temple isn’t an option as it represent the Gold Mountain or rather the Jinshan. This mountain is found in an island off the coast of the Shanghai region. Whenever people of the region in 1403 wanted to be blessed with peace and good fortune,they will visit the temple for prayers. It dint take long before this place was acknowledge by many because of the blessing behind the immortal gods found that and that’s why many businesses were established there. This is one of the reasons why you should pay a visit to the iconic place.

Do you want to explore the real old Shanghai during your visit to china? Well, the best place to visit is the Chenghuangmiao area where iconic buildings can be found. The blazing buildings found here will make you feel like you were indeed existing during those ages.

Black roofs and white walls constitute much of the Shanghai Cheng Huang Miao temple area which gives it an elegant look for those who want to explore china. You will be in that position to consider yourself as part and parcel of China history.

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Have a blast today by seeing and experiencing more at this area!