Chengdu shuangliu international airport

Located 16 kilometers to the southwest of downtown area, Chengdu Shuangliu international airport is an essential aviation hub in the western region of China. It was constructed in 1938 and covered an area of approximately 9,300,000 square meters with 200 parking stands and 2 parallel runways.
In 2015, Chengdu Shuanliu airport received more than 42 million passengers, making it on top 30 busiest airport on over the world


Currently, Chengdu Shuanliu international airport has 210 check-in counters, 65 security channels, 75 boarding bridges, and 2 terminal facilities, which cover an area of 500,000 square meters:
– Terminal 1 is used for international airlines and Sichuan airlines
– Terminal 2 handles domestic lights
Both terminals are constructed with advanced and complete services and facilities:
– Duty-free shop: Based at a separated place in Corridor A, T1. Here you can find decoration items, perfume, alcohol, or tobacco.
– Business center: provides fax and photocopying services
– First aid clinics: at the entrance of corridor C and A, T1 or third floor of corridor F and D, T2
– Lounges: offers entertainment, magazines, drinks, foods, and places for VIP or first-class passengers.
Flights and destinations
Shuanliu airport is currently handling 170 scheduled domestic flight routes to major cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xian, Nyingchi, or Qingdao. In addition, routes to towns inside the provinces are also available, including Dazhou, Jiuzhaigou, and Xichang.
It also provides flights to more than 70 international destinations in the world like Paris, Los Angeles, London, Vancouver, Singapore, Bangkok, and more.
Since 2013, passport holders of more than 50 regions and countries are granted a visa-free stay of 3 days when they take an international transfer via the Shuangliu airport.
Traffic instruction
The Chengdu Shuanliu airport is connected with the center via the highway that takes approximately 40 minutes by taxi. There are many options for transferring to or from the airport:
– Shuttle bus: There are 5 shuttle buses, numbering from 1 to 5, that runs back and forth between the airport and major cities and tourist destinations within Sichuan Province, such as Mianyang, Nanchon, Zigong, or Deyang.
– High-speed trains: You can easily find a stop of the Chengdu-Leshan-Mianyang intercity railway inside the airport. It often takes about 1 hour to the downtown area. In addition, the trains also run to Quingshen, Meishan, Deyang, or Jiangyou.
– Taxi: The fares of a taxi from the North Railway Station to Shuanliu airport ranges from 80 to 100 CNY. However, it is advisable to bargain the price with the driver and get a cheaper fare.