Xi’an transportation guide

Xi’an transportation guide

How to get from Xi’an Xianyang Airport to city center? It’s about 40 km from Xi’an Xianyang Airport to City Center. There are 2 ways of transportation for you to get to the city center from the airport. How to get from Xi’an xianyang airport to city center by Bus Ticket Office:  T2—1F (Arrival Level) T3—1F (GTC) Bus station:   T2—outside of 1F (Arrival Level) T3—south side of 1F(GTC) “Ticket Checking” Price: RMB 25 Traders Hotel line at West Gate: Time: 6:00am — the end of the last flight arrived Interval: about 20min/shift (before 21:40)  50min/shift (after 21:40) Notice: the bus runs according to the flight schedule after 2:00am the next day Operation time: 70min Route: Xianyang Airport——West Gate Airport Traders Hotel——Bell Tower Hotel (7:00-21:40)   High tech Zone Zhicheng Park Hotel line: Time: 7:00—20:00 Interval: 30min/shift Operation time: 70min Route: Xianyang Airport——High tech Zone Zhicheng Park Hotel   Xi’an Railway Station Longhai hotel line: Time: 7:00 am—2:00am the next day Interval: 30min/shift Operation time: 70min Route: Xianyang Airport——Fengcheng 6th Road (20:00—2:00am the next day)——Tuoniaowang Building ——Xi’an Railway Station Longhai Hotel   South Gate Xi’an hotel line Time: 7:00 am—2:00am the next day Interval: 30min/shift Operation time: 70min Route: Xianyang Airport——Chengxi […]

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Xi’an North Railway Station was opened on 11th January 2011 and is operated by the Xi’an Railway Bureau of The China Railway. Strategically, it is located on Yuanshuo Road, Weiyang District in Xi’an Shaanxi. The station serves Datong-Xi’an, a passenger’s railway. Several high speed railways like Zhengzhou –Xi’and Xi’an-Baoji depend on it too. With 34 platforms, this is the largest railway station found in the Northwest China. The bullet trains it serves go to and from major Chinese cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Changasha and Zhengzhou. Divided into two parts, the station building covering 83 acres and two different squares, the place is orderly and beautiful. The southern square offers spaces parking space for private vehicles, public bus stops and taxi stands. A business plaza and a bus station serving long distance buses are set to be put up in the future beneath the squares. The Xi’an North Station schedule is simple and precise. Depending on the destination a train is to reach, number of departures is indicated. Departure and arrival time are shown on the schedule. Alongside it is the duration taken during travel in hours and minutes. Ticket prices and type of class is on the schedule. The trains […]

Xi’an North Railway Station

The Xi’an South Railway Station is situated in the suburbs, approximately 30kms from the Bell Tower. It is a remote and small station. It only has a front square and a single storey terminal building. At the east corner of the station, you will find the ticket office from where passengers can buy, change or refund their tickets. As soon as you enter the station you will find the waiting area where there is a toilet and also drinking water facility. Generally, only those passengers whose train will be departing in a short while will be allowed to enter the station and others will need to wait outside. Ticket Booking The Xi’an south Railway Station is an important stop along the Xian – Ankang Railway. The trains that it operates are from/to Taiyuan, Chongqing, Ankang, Pingyao, Dazhou, Huashan, Jiexiu, Lingshi,Hohhot, Chengdu, Quqihar, Yulin, Baotou, Ordos, Yan’an, and Kunming.   How can you visit other places from the Xi’an South Station? North Train Station – You first need to reach Sansen Guoji Jiaju via bus no. 920. Now, walk approx 220 meters south towards Sanyao metro station from where you can travel via metro line 2 and reach the North Station. […]

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Xi’an Xianyang International Airport is the largest of its kind in all of northwest China, and the second largest in China, serving Xi’an and the rest of the Guanzhong area. The busy airport stands 41 Km to the northwest of the equally busy capital of China’s Shaanxi province, Xi’an.The city is a hub of activity and a popular tourist destination. Thanks to the city’s extensive transport network, you can explore any of the mentioned options and get to the city center from Xi’an Xianyang International Airport well within an hour.To get to the city center from Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, you have several options that you can explore as highlighted below Xi’an Xianyang International Airport offers several shuttle bus services for transfers between the airport and different locations across the city center. You can buy the ticket at the passenger information desk and the journey takes about an hour. Although a little bit more expensive than taking the shuttle bus, taxis are much more private and will get you right to where you wish to go in the city center. It’s also a very convenient option if you are having a lot of luggage with you. You will find the taxis […]

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