Hukou,The Amazing Yellow water fall

hukou waterfall

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Hukou (mouth of teapot) is very familiar with being the only yellow waterfall in the whole world.It is greatly known for being the second largest in China.Hokou is naturally formed, this waterfall is referred as the mother river of China.The width of this waterfall is not static since it changes as the season change, during the flood season it increases even up to about 50meters wide and about 164feet.

Being located at a point where Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces meet. Where it eventually found its way and passes a through a narrow valley between mountains that block it.

People who come to visit this scene have a lot of things to appreciate, for instance, they take photos, they collect the rafts which they use to make explorations, etc. Near this scene, restaurants are located there where Chinese food is prepared and also other dishes that represent local flavors.

The great time you can visit this scene:
Hukou Waterfall isn’t the same always, the temperature and also the volume of the water changes with the season.

The time allocated to be the best for the tourist to visit Hokou is mainly from fourth to the fifth month of the year, also from the ninth month of the year to the tenth month.It is of significant momentum that is why it is the best during these months.

During the winter season, this scene is not favorable for tourist since the waters turn to a vast shiny ice waterfall where some shiny icicles are seen hanging on cliffs on this yellow waterfall.

During the spring season, this is the time when the frozen water melts making the trees that are nearby to blossom.

During the summer season, this is the time when there is an increase in the gap of the waterfall.In this season water runs at a large quantity downwards with sprays and smokes.

During Autumn season, this is when the whole environment is clear, the air is also fresh. The nearby mountain spring and stream gathers into one stream shows relatively light music.

During the winter season, the falling waters freeze into the icicles that hang on top of the cliffs, resembling fantastic images standing in different postures making it look more attractive to tourists.