Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Shanghai pudong airport


Shanghai Pudong International Airport is one of the only two international airports in the city of Shanghai. It is located on the east, 30 kilometers from Central Business District of Shanghai and measures about 10,000 acres.

The airport is lauded as one of the fastest growing transportation hubs in the world and a major gateway in Asia. It has been consecutively ranked in the top 10 among the airports with the most human traffic for a number of years now.

The airport has two terminals, named Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Terminals 1 is for both local and international flights, has 28 gates and the handling capacity of more than 20 million people per annum. Terminal 2 caters for Air China and Star Alliance airlines and has a capacity to handle more than 60 million passengers in an year. The airport freight system is able to handle up to 6 million tonnes of freight every year.
With 70 boarding bridges and more than 200 parking positions Shanghai Pudong International Airport is in a class of its own. It also has 4 runways all of which are more than 3000 meters long and 6 taxing ways. All these high end facilities make the airport a superior transportation hub.
The airport is easily accessible due to highly efficient transport system of Shanghai. There is an option of the Maglev or Transrapid trains which operate through the airport. You can also take a taxi, bus, shuttles or long distance coaches. You also have an option to pick a rental car from the many local car rental companies in the area.
Facilities within the airport include a hotel on Terminal 2 side, a variety of shops, lounges and many other facilities. Other high end hotels near the airport include: Royal International Hotel, The QUBE Hotel, Junpeng Hotel and many others. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is one of the best in Asia and indeed the whole world.