Shanghai yuyuan garden

A Quick Glance at the Shanghai Yuyuan Garden
shanghai yuyuan garden
A visit to Shanghai China cannot be complete without visiting the popular Shanghai Yuyuan garden. The historic garden was built over 400 years ago in the-Ming-Dynasty. It is one of the popular tourist attractions in Shanghai, especially the lovers of history and nature. Visitors to the garden enjoy its beautiful scenery, amazing layout and artistic architecture that you cannot find anywhere else. Some of the popular activities in the garden include exploration and photography. To top it all, the garden is not age restricted and you need at least 1-2 hours to sample what it has to offer.

Things to See in the Yu Garden

The key scenic areas that visitors see in the garden include the Inner Garden, Sansui Hall, Dainchum Hall, Huijing Hall, Wanhua Chamber and the Yuhua Hall. Visitors also see popular highlights-of-the-garden such as the Yuyuan Bazaar, gorgeous-sculptures-and- carvings, and as well as the traditional Chinese architecture. This includes the buildings and items that were used by the Pan family during the era of the Ming Dynasty. Actually, there is nothing as relaxing as exploring the zigzag bridges, rockeries, impressive pools, archways and pagodas in the Yu garden. For the lovers of the Chinese history, taking a walk in the garden will give you a true picture of some of the things you see in movies and read in history books.

Suitable Time for a Trip to the Yu Garden

For the lovers of nature, suitable time-to-visit the Yu garden is when trees are green and flowers are blossoming. For lovers of less crowded places, it is prudent to choose a weekday for your visit because the garden is less crowded. Normally, the Yu garden hosts a large number of people on weekends. Many people prefer the Spring-Festival-when there are numerous beautiful decorations in the garden. The Yu garden is open for visitors between 8:30 am-5:30 pm from March to October and between 8:30 am-5 pm from November to February. The entrance fee is 40 Yuan from April to June and September to November, and 30 Yuan from July to August and December to March.