How to get from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hangzhou-4 ways

How to get from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hangzhou-4 ways

The distance from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hangzhou is about 220 kilometers. How to get to Suzhou from Pudong Airport? Generally speaking, there are three modes of public transport: train, long-distance bus and high-speed railway. You can learn the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transport, as well as the cost, from the following text information, and choose your own mode according to your own situation.

1,Shanghai Pudong Airport to hangzhou By long distance bus

The first way is to take a long-distance bus to Hangzhou. It takes about 3 hours and costs about 100 yuan/person during non-peak hours without traffic jam. The advantage of this way is that it is relatively convenient and does not need to change buses. The disadvantage is that you need to take your luggage and walk to the long-distance bus station. You need to buy tickets by public bus and have some Chinese language skills. There is no Chinese service during the bus ride. The bus is generally comfortable. The specific riding methods are as follows, after you arrive at Shanghai Pudong Airport to pick up your luggage, you can walk to the parking lot opposite the airport terminal. There is a long-distance bus station. You need to buy your own ticket at 100 yuan/person. The bus departure time is 10: 30, 12: 00, 13: 30, 15: 30, 17: 30, 19: 30. You can choose the appropriate departure time. It is worth noting that the bus station has buses going to all parts of the world. You must be able to see clearly when buying tickets, and you’d better have the ability to recognize Chinese or a certain ability to speak Chinese.

2, Shanghai Pudong Airport to hangzhou By train

The second way is to take the train to Hangzhou. Without traffic jam and off-peak hours, the whole journey takes about 4-7 hours and the lowest cost is about 50 yuan/person. The advantage of this way is that it saves money. The disadvantage is that it is hard to wait for the bus, change the bus, carry your luggage on foot and move it up and down. The specific way of taking the train is as follows: after you arrive from Shanghai Pudong Airport to pick up your luggage, find the No.2 subway line according to the airport icon and sit down in shanghai hongqiao railway station. It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to take the subway, excluding walking to the subway, waiting for the subway and buying tickets for about 20 minutes. If the subway is crowded, you have to stand for about 2 hours. After arriving in shanghai hongqiao railway station, you can buy a high-speed train ticket to Hangzhou East and arrive in about 1 hour. The ticket price is: 73 yuan, 117 yuan, 219.5 yuan per person, representing different seats. You can buy it on demand. The high-speed train from shanghai hongqiao railway station to Hangzhou East takes about every 10 minutes. There are many trains that can be bought at any time at ordinary times. However, it is usually bought in advance on weekends. Otherwise, there may be no seats, and you can only stand in the aisle with your luggage. Note here that trains from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Hangzhou usually go to Hangzhou East. If you want to go to Hangzhou, you should not take Line 2 subway, but take Airport Line 5. The way to get to Shanghai South Railway Station is as follows: after you pick up your luggage at Pudong Airport, go to Airport Line 7 and buy tickets at the ticket booth. The ticket price is 20 yuan/per person. You need to wait about 30 minutes for the departure of Airport Line 7, about 80 minutes for the departure from Pudong Airport to Shanghai South Railway Station and buy the train ticket to Hangzhou on the same day after arriving at Shanghai South Railway Station. Note that the train number from Shanghai South Railway Station to Hangzhou is not many and the time interval is relatively large. You’d better check it well in advance. The train time from Shanghai South Railway Station to Hangzhou is about 2.5 hours. Fares are 28.5 yuan, 82.5 yuan and 118.5 yuan per person, respectively, representing different seats. You can buy them on demand.

3, Shanghai Pudong Airport to hangzhou By taxi

The third way is to take a taxi to Hangzhou. If there is no traffic jam or off-peak hours, it takes about 3 hours and costs about RMB 600 yuan, which includes about 100 yuan for high-speed transportation. The advantage of this way is that it is labor-saving and more comfortable. The disadvantage is that the cost is too high. You need to identify regular taxis and do not use black cars. There is no English service during the whole journey. If the driver detours, you can’t find it. Therefore, you need to confirm that it is a regular taxi company. Please make a type when getting on the taxi and carry and keep the ticket when getting off the taxi.

4,Shanghai Pudong Airport to hangzhou By Mr orange private transfer-THE WAY OF BEST VALUE

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Things to do in hangzhou

West lake

West Lake, located to the west of Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province, is one of the first batch of national key scenic spots in mainland China and one of the top ten scenic spots in China. It is one of the major ornamental freshwater lakes in mainland China. The West Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides and covers an area of 6.39 square kilometers, with a width of 2.8 kilometers from east to west, a length of 3.2 kilometers from north to south, and a circumference of nearly 15 kilometers around the lake.

Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple, also known as Yunlin Temple, is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is backed by north peak feng and faces Feilai feng. It was founded in the first year of Xianhe in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (326) and covers an area of 87,000 square meters.

Qiandao Lake

Qiandao Lake is located in Chun ‘an County in the west of Zhejiang Province. It is a national scenic spot and the largest forest park in China.

The recommended local gourmet

Zhiweiguan Restaurant is a time-honored restaurant in Hangzhou. The traditional snacks here are rich and colorful. Fresh meat buns, cat ears, glutinous rice roasted geese, and happiness double are all the famous dishes that have won national food awards. How can you not taste these famous Chinese and foreign food when you come to Zhiweiguan Restaurant?


Kuiyuan Restaurant has a long history, with a history of more than 150 years. The restaurant is famous both at home and abroad for its long history, large scale and delicious features. Noodles are the main food in the area, and you are dazzled by all kinds of boodles. Of course, there are many famous dishes in the Kuiyuan Restaurant at present to make you happy.