How to get to drum tower in Xi’an

 drum tower

The drum tower was utilized as a part of old circumstances like the time keeping the middle for the whole city. At 7:00 pm the ringers and tolls were rung 13 times. At regular intervals from that point forward, the drums were thumped one an opportunity to keep time.

Drum Tower itself is a big building with a height of 46.7 meters with triple overhang and a hip and peak rooftop configuration made for the most part out of stone, wood and dark tiles. It got just two stories, and the main floor has a little hall that leads into the employees quarters and the second floor holding the drums and time to keep gadgets.

The Drum Tower used to hold 25 guardian’s drums. There was one fundamental drum standing for the entire year and 24 mass drums standing for the 24 sunlight based terms. Just a single drum now stays into the tower.

A balcony is available covering the second floor that gives dazzling views of Xi’an’s inward city.

How to get there

1, By public bus
Consistent transports inside the city cost ¥1 (¥2 for aerated and cooled, set apart with a snow-piece) regardless of how far you go. Just get on. Ensure you have the required amount – as a rule, you don’t get change.

2, By taxi
Taxi: The rate for the ordinary (green) taxis is ¥6 for the initial two kilometers and after that ¥1.5 for each extra kilometer.Time to wait longer than 2 minutes will be charged ¥1.5 every moment. After 11 PM the beginning cost is ¥7.