How to get to the Shaolin temple from xi’an

shaolin temple

The Shaolin temple is no doubt one of the beautiful temples in China. There are thousands of travelers love to visit Shaolin temple not only for the natural beauty but also the historical image. But the problem is the majority of the people does not know the ways of visiting Shaolin temple, especially from the xi’an. Here i will discuss the ways of just how to get to the Shaolin temple from xi’an.

If you are now at xi’an and want to visit Shaolin temple then the best solution for the traveler will be using public transportation. The distance from xi’an to Shaolin temple is around 448 Km. It will normally take 5-6 hours to reach Shaolin temple through the public transportation. You will be able to get direct bus service from xi’an to Shaolin temple all day long. So, you never need to be worried as the buss will stop exactly at your destination.
If you do not love bus journey then you have another comfortable option. You can use the train for visiting Shaolin temple from xi’an. There is no doubt that the train journey will be much more comfortable compared to bus journey but the problem is availability. The train is not available every time like buss. If you do not wait a long time for the train then the public bus service will be the best choice for you.
The cost of both types of the transport system is almost the same. So, you should not waste your time for finding the less expensive transport system. If you have privet vehicle then your journey can not only be less expensive but also comfortable. You can also reach Shaolin temple from xi’an within 4-5 hours maximum if you have an experienced driver who has past experience of visiting Shaolin temple from xi’an.
Following my mentioned ways, any traveler will be able to reach Shaolin temple from xi’an without any complexity and safely.