Shanghai Yatai Xinyang market

 shanghai yataixinyang market

How to get to Yatai xinyang market

You’ll find it right near the Science and Technology Museum Metro Stop, which is on Metro Line 2.

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When traveling, one of the fondest experiences one can have is visiting the local markets to examine what they can to offer. From food and drinks to clothing to simple gadgets to remember the place by- there is something for everyone.

The market, located underground near the Science & Technology Museum is bustling with activity. There is a friendly atmosphere to the place. With many vendors offering an extensive range of items such as those listed above, there is no shortage of gifts you can pick up for friends and family.

Many of the vendors, however, will be very intent on selling you their items in very persuasive fashion. Be careful as many of the items can be cheap versions of products that are more expensive elsewhere in the world. Feel free to bargain with the local merchants, as they will often listen to give you a better deal as it will still benefit them.

The market also offers photo ops for travelers wanting to get something featuring themselves to not only keep- but directly remember the trip with. There is even a section of the markets where you’re able to meet with tailors and designers to create a garment that suits your preference.
The incredible economy, wildlife and city structures are something to remember. Beyond the market itself, which is an incredible must-see attraction if you visit the area, there is a lot to adore about Shanghai and the areas surrounding it.

Everyone travels differently, with their own list of desires at each stop but the Yatai Xinyang market offers something everyone will be interested in. If you don’t believe us- just take a chance. Go down to the market and look at the vendors full of apparel, souvenirs, crafts and a large range of products you’d never expect to find at such a cheap price.