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Shanghai driver-by Mr orange transfer Mr. Orange Transfer Company is a top transportation service provider in China, known for its outstanding Shanghai car service and focus on customer satisfaction. Created to meet the increasing need for trustworthy and effective travel services, Mr. Orange focuses on providing airport transfers, cruise port transfers, train station transfers, and charter service. Having established a solid foothold in prominent Chinese cities, such as Shanghai,Guangzhou and Beijing etc,our company has emerged as the top pick for both leisure travelers and professionals on the go. The company takes great pride in its team of professional drivers in Shanghai, who are highly skilled and with professional English-speaking customer service back up. This ensures a seamless experience for international visitors as they explore the city. Mr. Orange Transfer is dedicated to delivering top-notch service, guaranteeing that each trip is cozy, secure, and delightful. Our Fleet and Vehicles Mr. Orange Transfer takes pride in offering a wide range of vehicles to cater to the unique requirements of its customers. Whether you’re embarking on a solo adventure, exploring with your loved ones, or joining a big group, Mr. Orange has just the right vehicle to meet your needs. Sedans: Perfect for […]

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Traveling from Shanghai to Hangzhou is like traveling across a cultural corridor where old and modern mingle. Shanghai represents modernism, whereas Hangzhou, with its lush surroundings and rich history, provides tranquility. This page provides practical information about transit alternatives and travel suggestions. Shanghai-Hangzhou Transportation How to get from Shanghai to hangzhou by Fast Train From Shanghai to Hangzhou, the high-speed rail is the most convenient. With regular departures throughout the day, customers may select a time that fits their schedule. Refer to this example timetable: Train Number Departure Time Ticket Price (CNY) Travel Duration G7001 07:00 174 45 minutes G7501 09:00 174 45 minutes G7301 11:00 174 45 minutes G7101 13:00 174 45 minutes G7201 15:00 174 45 minutes G7401 17:00 174 45 minutes Please note that the ticket prices and departure times may vary depending on the specific date of travel and seat class chosen. It’s always a good idea to check the latest schedules and prices closer to your travel date. Journey Duration: 45 mins–1 hour Booking: Official railway websites and train station ticket counters sell tickets. Modern facilities like comfortable seats, onboard food, and Wi-Fi make high-speed trains a pleasurable ride. How to get from Shanghai to […]

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Top 10 Shanghai water towns The water villages around Shanghai provide a peaceful getaway from Shanghai’s hustle and bustle, preserving China’s rich cultural legacy. These villages attract travelers seeking a genuine insight into old Chinese cultures due to its history and charm. Each water town has its own charm, from scenic canals to well-preserved buildings, enabling tourists to experience centuries-old customs. Water Town Distance to Shanghai Features Crowds Entrance Ticket Price Suggested Tour Duration Zhujiajiao Approximately 50 km Picturesque canals, ancient bridges, temples Moderate Around 120 RMB Half to full day Zhouzhuang Approximately 80 km Charming canals, historic residences High About 100 RMB Half to full day Tongli Approximately 80 km Tranquil waterways, Ming and Qing architecture Moderate Around 100 RMB Half to full day Wuzhen Approximately 120 km Divided into East and West, cultural performances High About 150 RMB Full day Xitang Approximately 90 km Charming waterways, stone bridges Moderate Around 100 RMB Half to full day Nanxun Approximately 130 km Elegant gardens, historic residences Low to Moderate About 100 RMB Half to full day Luzhi Approximately 75 km Well-preserved ancient architecture Low to Moderate Around 100 RMB Half to full day Fengjing Approximately 50 km Idyllic countryside scenery, […]

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Introduction Shanghai, a dynamic metropolis seamlessly blending tradition and modernity, stands as a symbol of China’s rapid development. The city’s magnetic charm lies in its rich history, breathtaking skyline, and diverse cultural tapestry. As you embark on an exploration of Shanghai, prepare to be captivated by the juxtaposition of ancient heritage against the gleaming skyscrapers that define its futuristic horizon. Discover the allure of 24 handpicked attractions that showcase the multifaceted essence of Shanghai, ensuring a memorable journey through this pulsating urban landscape. Historical and Cultural Attractions 1. The Bund The Bund, Shanghai’s waterfront promenade, emerges as a captivating blend of history and modernity. Stretching along the Huangpu River, it offers an iconic panorama of both the city’s colonial past and its futuristic skyline. As you stroll along the riverbank, the TripAdvisor Link will guide you to insightful reviews and recommendations. Situated within walking distance from the city center, The Bund presents an unmissable opportunity for free exploration. Whether you’re admiring the historic architecture or soaking in the Pudong skyline views, this timeless destination promises an unforgettable experience. The area comes alive at night, with the glittering lights casting a magical spell over the river. 2. Yu Garden Transport yourself […]

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Shanghai Cruise Terminal to Disneyland Shanghai, a vibrant metropolis where the old seamlessly merges with the new, has become a global destination for both business and leisure travelers. If you find yourself disembarking at the Shanghai Wusongkou Cruise Terminal, nestled on the northern bank of the Huangpu River, you’re in for a treat. This article aims to guide you through the myriad transportation options available to seamlessly reach the enchanting Disneyland, a must-visit destination for families and thrill-seekers alike. Wusongkou Cruise Terminal Overview: Shanghai Wusongkou Cruise Terminal, often referred to as Baoshan Cruise Terminal, serves as a gateway to the city for cruise passengers. Located in the Baoshan District, this terminal is renowned for its stunning views of the Shanghai skyline and the iconic Yangpu Bridge. As you step onto the shore, the question of how to navigate your way to Disneyland may arise, and that’s where we come in to assist you.Disneyland in Shanghai: Before diving into transportation details, it’s essential to highlight the magic that awaits you at Disneyland Shanghai. As the first Disney park in mainland China, it boasts a unique blend of traditional Disney charm and Chinese cultural influences. From the majestic Enchanted Storybook Castle to […]

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Shanghai Cruise Ship Schedule For 2024 Day Cruise Line Ship Times Passengers February Tue 6 Holland America Line ms Westerdam  a 0800 1964 Wed 7  Holland America Line ms Westerdam  d 1800 1964 Thu 22  Hapag Lloyd ms Europa  a 0230 408 Fri 23  Hapag Lloyd  ms Europa d 2330 408 Mon 26  Regent Seven Seas Cruises Seven Seas Explorer a 0800 750 Tue 27  Regent Seven Seas Cruises Seven Seas Explorer a 0800 750 March Sun 3  Oceania Cruises  Riviera a 0800 1250 Mon 4  Oceania Cruises  Riviera a 0800 1250 Tue 5  Holland America Line  ms Westerdam a 0800 1964 Wed 6  Holland America Line  ms Westerdam a 0800 1964 Thu 7  Holland America Line ms Zuiderdam a 0800 1964 Fri 8  Holland America Line ms Zuiderdam a 0800 1964 Sun 10  AIDA AIDAbella a 0630 2030 Mon 11  AIDA AIDAbella a 0630 2030 Fri 15  MSC Cruises MSC Bellissima a 0700 4488 Mon 18  Phoenix  Reisen  Artania a 0800 1122 Tue 19  Phoenix  Reisen  Artania a 0800 1122 Wed 27 Regent Seven Seas Cruises Seven Seas Explorer  a 0800 750 Thu 28 Regent Seven Seas Cruises Seven Seas Explorer  a 0800 750 Fri 29  Hapag Lloyd ms […]

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Disney Fastpass Do you know that you can shorten your waiting time for specific attraction by getting a Disney Fast pass? Here is the guide on How to get the fast pass of Shanghai Disneyland. General information about Shanghai Disneyland: Shanghai Disneyland, located in Shanghai, China, is the newest addition to the Disneyland theme parks. It boasts the largest and tallest Sleeping Beauty castle out of all the Disney theme parks worldwide. With its six different themed lands, two hotels, and a plethora of magic, it is definitely a must-visit destination. To make the most out of your day at Shanghai Disneyland, it is important to plan your theme park strategy in advance. Here are some insider tips and key information to help you maximize your experience: 1. Getting your Shanghai Disneyland ticket While tickets are available at the park itself, they often come with long queues. To avoid this hassle, consider booking your tickets on Klook. By doing so, you can be one of the first few to enter the park with a mobile e-voucher sent directly to your phone. Remember to bring your passport and e-voucher for verification at the gates. 2. When to visit Shanghai Disneyland To […]

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Baoshan cruise port
There are two cruise terminals in Shanghai: Shanghai Baoshan International Cruise Terminal and Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal on Dongdaming Road Hongkou District. As the names of these two cruise terminals are similar, please check before boarding. If you get aboard at the wrong cruise terminal, don’t be afraid. The two cruise terminal is 20km away from each other. It takes you 40min (about CNY65) to take a taxi from one to the other. Meanwhile, make sure that your guide knows your situation. If you can check in before the gate closes, you can get aboard. Information about Baoshan Cruise Terminal Baoshan International Cruise Terminal Development CO., LTD. was established with a joint effort given by the government of Baoshan District Shanghai and Shanghai Changjiang Shipping CO., LTD. The company is responsible for the construction, operation, management, and supporting services of Baoshan International Cruise Terminal, involving tourist service, shipping service, roll-on, and roll-off transportation, anchorage for international cruise liners, shipping agent, raw materials supply of cruise and other ships, ship inspections, ship delivery service. The terminal area has a planned coastline of 1,500M. With a coastline of 774M, Phase I includes two large cruise berths for 100,000-ton cruise liners and […]

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How to get to Shanghai Disneyland resort(From downtown Shanghai,From Pudong airport,From Hongqiao train station) The geographical location of Shanghai Disney Resort found in China is at Chuanshan New Town in the New District of Pudong in the city of Shanghai. To get to the resort there are many appropriate means you can opt to take which includes; use of the public bus, taking a taxi or car rental and by subway. It is upon you to make a logical decision and choose a preferred route to take since there are a couple of real routes leading to the resort. While at the Pudong Airport, Downtown Shanghai and Hongqiao Airport, you can arrive safely at the resort by taking any of the following means and routes. How to get to Shanghai Disneyland resort from Shanghai Downtown? Once you are at the Shanghai Downtown there is no need to worry since there are appropriate means of getting to Shanghai Disney Resort. Choosing the appropriate means will just depend on the tourist’s urgency. The following are the available means of transport; 1,By Subway The simplest means of getting to Shanghai Disney Resort is through a subway. This involves passing through route 11 which is […]

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