Wuzhen water town

Places you can visit in Wuzhen water town.


Wuzhen water town is among the top city in south China. These are ancient towns in southern China. These states have been praised and also known as the land of abundance. The Wuzhen fully conserves the water town style and also the pattern in the Republican period and even in the late Qing Dynasty. The entire Wuzhen water town can be divided into 4 part that is; northern part, southern region, eastern part and also a western part. In these parts, there are many things you can see thus they are the best place to visit. To visit this site, you should know about different places to see. The following are some of the places you can visit in Wuzhen water town.

The Ancient Bed Museum:

This museum is the first museum that is devoted to many collections and also displays of the antique beds. In this museum, there are many exquisite’s examples of the unique or original style, the oldest dating which is back to the Ming Dynasty.

The Folk Customs Museum: 

In this museum, it efficiently displays the Wuzhen’s customs concerning birthdays, childbirths, weddings and also seasonal change reflecting the entire time in the late 19th and even in the early 20th centuries.

The Wine Distillery Workshop:

This is one of the workshops which effectively display the culture of wine brewing. One of the wine brewing cultures is known as sanbai wine which is a famous alcoholic drink that usually pleases the palate mainly with its soft and also lasting mellowness.

The Indigo Fabric Workshop:

This workshop was first founded in this state in late 13 century. In this place, you can look at the production base and also distribution center of the indigo cloth.

The shadow play theater: 

This is one of the old and also traditional styles that is a form of play or entertainment that is created by projecting the entire shadow of sheep, cattle, and even other conventional character hidden onto the screen. Additionally, you can enjoy the classics that are performed by local artist.

Additionally, there are other sites to see in these places thus it is advisable to visit this place.