Zhujiajiao water town

 zhujiajiao water town

Zhujiajiao water town is an ancient town located in the suburbs of Shanghai city. Zhujiajiao is reputed as Venice of Shanghai and is considered as one of the top cultural sites in Shanghai. The town is believed to have started 1700 years ago, and it is still bright and flourishing to date. With beautiful scenery brought about by the clear water canals and ancient architectural buildings, Zhujiajiao water town provides an exquisite experience for both the locals and the tourists that visit the town.


What to see at Zhujiajiao water town
Zhujiajiao water town is home to many beautiful sites that include historical sites, private gardens, a monumental bridge and business streets and alleys that attract a large number of tourists to the town. Any visitor traveling to Zhujiajiao water town must visit the some of the following places to get the full experience.
1. Kezhi garden
Kezhi garden is considered the hidden treasure of Zhujiajiao water town. Kezhi garden is made up of two areas; the study area (ke) and the farming area (zhe) symbolizing the two main activities in the garden. With over 200 iconic buildings, the garden offers beautiful scenery to behold.
2. The Fangsheng bridge
The Fangsheng bridge is the most iconic spot in Zhujiajiao water town. The bridge is also the longest and biggest bridge in Shanghai. Fangsheng bridge provides an excellent place for tourists to take quality photographs of the beautiful water town. The bridge is built with white walls and has a perfect view of the traditional boats coming through to add to the exquisiteness in the pictures taken at the area.
3. The temples
Most of the people in Zhujiajiao water town are Buddhist and Taoists. With temples being the places of worship for both religions, Zhujiajiao has some amazing temples that are architectural masterpieces. The Yuanjin Buddhist temple and the City God Temple are the two most iconic temples that are a must visit for any person traveling to the town.
These historic sites, ancient architectural buildings, and natural scenery make Zhujiajiao water town one of the leading tourist destinations in Shanghai and a place that should be in most peoples bucket list of places to definitely visit.