Things to do in Xi’an

Things to do in Xi’an

Xian Big Wild Goose Pagoda is a prehistoric building found in Xian City, China. It is also known as the Great Wild Goose Pagoda or the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. It represents the traditional Chinese architecture. It has a simple style, solemn appearance, and high structure. This structure was built during the Tang Dynasty period. Buddhists consider it as a holy place. It is recognized as a National Cultural Relic Preserve. It attracts millions of tourists every year. Visitors can enjoy a scenic view of Xian City from this building. How was it built? This seven-storied structure is an architectural wonder. It stands at a height of 64.5m. It was constructed using layers of bricks. No cement was used in the process. This is the reason it is one of most well preserved prehistoric structures in the world. Just like most traditional Chinese architecture, bracket style was used in building the pagoda. Weather, war, and earthquakes have destroyed it but it still has its beauty. How did it get its name? This pagoda got its name from the ancient times. There was division in Buddhists at one time. One group had no problem eating meat. They run out of meat […]

Overview of Xian Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Not many people knew about Xi’an Lewa Happy World when it first opened up its gates to the world as a premium theme park. Today, it is known as one of the world’s leading fountain of fun and adventure, pomp and color. Thousands of people walk into the Chinese park that was designed to reflect coastal features. The paradise effect Xi’an Lewa is mesmerizing at first glance. The three horse-shoes like water bodies form the magnificence of the park’s architectural outlook. Their edges will make you feel like you are walking on a sunny beach in search of exotic delicacies. It’s the place to be if you like good tasting food given its assortment of theme restaurants. Jump from the dining table to world-class shopping malls, gyms or dive in for a swim as you watch your children ride ponies, race cars or sew-saw in the back-drop of a fun-bobbling crowd. West meets east The park’s circular perimeter is a reflection of the globe, making it the heart of amusement with the universal mark of cultural excellence. This can be seen on how the park immortalizes Hollywood superhero and cartoon characters. Other than the life-size statues of these characters, you […]

Travel Guide To Xi’an Lewa Happy World

China is a popular tourist destination for many travel and leisure enthusiasts. There are several reasons why people want to flock to this country and this includes their vast and colorful history, ancient structures and of course, the iconic Great Wall of China. Not only that, the nation is known for is it’s unique and amazing wildlife and some of these creatures can no longer be spotted anywhere in the world. Sadly, because their natural habitats have been destroyed to make way for progress, several of these animals are already considered to be endangered species. Because of this, the government had to intervene to avoid losing their diverse wildlife as well as any natural resources they had available, and thus the Louguantai Wild Animal Breeding and Protection Center was born. Founded in 1987, the center is located in the Shaanxi province of China. Travel and leisure enthusiasts will discover that not only can they find beautiful and exotic creatures inside the center, they will also observe the dedication the workers strive for in making sure that the center is a success. Animals that can be found there are the Red Panda, Big Panda, Black Bear, Golden Monkey and the Crested […]

Louguantai Wild Animal Breeding and Protection Center

The most dangerous destination for mountain hiking that has been suggested by many in the world is a hike to Mount Huashan Xi’an. The hike begins with the heavenly stairs, a long and steep narrow concrete steps that are tolerable at best. The Black Dragon Ridge can be ventured by only the most courageous trekkers. The ridge narrower and steeper and it has got sharp drops towards its right and left. The next phase in this hike is a steep series of steps. Here, the climb becomes more severe as hikers reach West Peak Mountain, before climbing all the way to the top of Mount Huashan. The view from the top of the mountain is phenomenal and tourists who have been brave enough to reach the very top often wish that they could spend the rest of the day their admiring the view. Unfortunately, the descent back down is said to be even more dangerous than climbing up the mountain. This is especially so in lower temperatures, when just one slip on the icy steps could send hikers to their death within seconds. Another part of this hike involves a twenty foot series of chains which must be climbed with […]

Mountain Huashan hiking trail

Luoyang Longmen Grottoes represent some of the most historic and memorable Chinese Buddhist art. Here you will find thousands of statues. They are in close proximity to Luoyang in Henan, one of China’s remarkable provinces. Luoyang is home to Buddha’s statues as well as his disciples’. The 2, 345 caves consists of up to 100, 000 statues of 1 to 57feet (height) and 2, 500 stelae. The caves are a kilometer away from the cliff and stretch along river banks. The site is a true manifestation of what the artistic creativity bestowed upon humans, just as UNESCO denoted in their World Heritage List. A 30-minute drive from Luoyang city and 12 kilometers of ground cover will land you in Longmen Grottoes. The site is featured among the top three most crucial sites in the great country of China. What makes it stand out is the Buddhist sumptuous carvings and sculptures. The east hill is the hub of Baijuyi’s Tomb in memory of the nation’s famous ancient poet and home to the Xiangshan Temple, while the west hill prides in the most caves and grottoes. It is nearly impossible to talk about world sculpture history without mentioning the Longmen Grottoes. First […]

How to get to Longmen grottoes from Xi’an

Renowned as one of China’s most iconic religious institutions, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda is a breathtaking structure that is at the heart of Xian’s cultural identity. Also known as the Dayan Pagoda, this towering religious edifice has been a permanent fixture in the province since the Tang Dynasty. Commissioned to be built by Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty, the structure which dates back to 652 AD mainly served as a sizeable Buddhist archive that collected religious material from India, the birthplace of Buddhism. Declared a part of the National Key Cultural Relic Preserve, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda is contained within the Da Cien Temple complex located a mere 4km from downtown Xi’an and is one of the most visited cultural highlights in the country. The main attraction on a tour of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda is, of course, it’s daily Fountain Show which takes place in the northern square of the pagoda where the towering structures of the iconic edifice provide the perfect backdrop for the liquid-based spectacular. Taking place every day including public holidays, the Fountain Show at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda has hailed as the most significant fountain showcase in all of Asia […]

The Musical Fountain at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda

The drum tower was utilized as a part of old circumstances like the time keeping the middle for the whole city. At 7:00 pm the ringers and tolls were rung 13 times. At regular intervals from that point forward, the drums were thumped one an opportunity to keep time. Drum Tower itself is a big building with a height of 46.7 meters with triple overhang and a hip and peak rooftop configuration made for the most part out of stone, wood and dark tiles. It got just two stories, and the main floor has a little hall that leads into the employees quarters and the second floor holding the drums and time to keep gadgets. The Drum Tower used to hold 25 guardian’s drums. There was one fundamental drum standing for the entire year and 24 mass drums standing for the 24 sunlight based terms. Just a single drum now stays into the tower. A balcony is available covering the second floor that gives dazzling views of Xi’an’s inward city. How to get there 1, By public bus Consistent transports inside the city cost ¥1 (¥2 for aerated and cooled, set apart with a snow-piece) regardless of how far you […]

How to get to drum tower in Xi’an

Book a private transfer from hotel your in downtown Xi’an to Hukou water fall Hukou (mouth of teapot) is very familiar with being the only yellow waterfall in the whole world.It is greatly known for being the second largest in China.Hokou is naturally formed, this waterfall is referred as the mother river of China.The width of this waterfall is not static since it changes as the season change, during the flood season it increases even up to about 50meters wide and about 164feet. Being located at a point where Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces meet. Where it eventually found its way and passes a through a narrow valley between mountains that block it. People who come to visit this scene have a lot of things to appreciate, for instance, they take photos, they collect the rafts which they use to make explorations, etc. Near this scene, restaurants are located there where Chinese food is prepared and also other dishes that represent local flavors. The great time you can visit this scene: Hukou Waterfall isn’t the same always, the temperature and also the volume of the water changes with the season. The time allocated to be the best for the tourist to […]

Hukou,The Amazing Yellow water fall

Book a private transfer between your hotel downtown Xi’an and Banpo museum Introduction It is your vacation time! You have been preparing for this for long and some of the places in your checklist include visiting national museums featuring ancient culture. On top of the list is Xi’an Banpo museum, thanks to your friend or relative who advised you to tour the place. Obviously, you have no idea what to expect to see when you arrived there apart from what you heard from your acquaintances that the museum has beautiful gardens, flowering trees, and other amazing landscape. Well, let’s give a preview of what you expect to see both inside and outside the museum: At least two exhibition halls Typically, Banpo is an archaeological site hosting remains of several beautifully organized Neolithic settlements, one of them being the Jiangzhai, revolving around the Yangshao culture. Therefore, upon arrival, you will see several exhibition halls depicting the culture of its founders. One of the halls displays unearthed relic exhibitions, which include domestic and production tools used by ancient Banpo people like chisels, stones, pottery knives, axes, and sickles. The other exhibition hall is used for temporary exhibitions and shows. Some of the […]

What to expect to see at Xi’an Banpo Museum