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Zhouzhuang water town


Based on China’s old arrangement of channels, water towns have very nearly a thousand years of history. With structures, roads and waterways unaltered for quite a long time, China’s water towns are lovely to see and an intriguing mirror into China’s past.

Encompassed by system of laneways and waterways, Zhouzhuang close Suzhou is China’s most prominent and beguiling water town. Zhouzhuang is an absolute necessity see travel goal for anybody making a trip to Suzhou.


Zhouzhuang was first settled amid the Spring and Autumn period (771BCE to 403BCE) when it was called Yaocheng and a piece of the Wu Kingdom. Yaocheng was later called Zhouzhuang after the Qianfu Temple was built up in 1086. Zhouzhuang has more than 900 years of history in its present frame and its key area on the antiquated channel framework empowered it to create as a focal point of exchange and circulation for products, for example, silk, sustenance and expressions and specialties. Various extremely rich exchanging houses were built up and developed to thriving in Zhouzhuang.


The piece of Zhouzhuang with waterways, extensions and old recorded locales is known as the old town which is toward the south of Zhouzhuang city and available by zhouzhuang connect. Aside from channels and waterways, the old town has an extensive number of incredible attractions and I have recorded the best or most surely understood beneath.

Extensions – Zhouzhuang is separated by lakes and waterways and crossed by 14 stone scaffolds. Some of these scaffolds are renowned in their own right.

Twin Bridges – Twin scaffolds is the most well known of Zhouzhuang’s extensions and an image of Zhouzhuang. It is made out of two associated spans, the Shide connect and the Yongan connect. Twin Bridges was built amid the rule of Emperor Wanli in the vicinity of 1572 and 1620. Twin Bridges greatest distinguishing strengths is a sketch of it was displayed to Deng Xiaoping by a meeting American in 1984 and it was utilized as an outline for the United Nations postage stamp in 1985.

Quanfu Bridge – the longest and most present day of Zhouzhuang’s extensions and is situated and no more southern end of Zhouzhuang.

Fuan Bridge – Was initially worked in 1355 and is described by its single curve and the four “towers” at each side of the scaffold.

Qianfu Temple – Quanfu Temple is a Buddhist sanctuary worked in 1086 amid the Song Dynasty(960-1279) and was extended many circumstances throughout the hundreds of years. Set on the waters of Nanhu lake in the southwest of Zhouzhuang, the sanctuary is exceptionally serene, quiet and penetrated with the sweet possess a scent reminiscent of incence. The sanctuary is astounding and extremely in character with Zhouzhuang’s water town character. Strolling around the sanctuary is an enjoyment and a reviving change after hustle and group in the principle part of old town. After the channels and laneways in the focal point of old town, the sanctuary is Zhouzhuang’s best fascination.

The sanctuary have an extremely dynamic gathering of priests who can be found in petition, examining sacred texts, tuning in to Buddhist serenades and music, keeping an eye on visitor stations and (wheeze) discretely smoking the odd cigarette.

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