What to expect to see at Xi’an Banpo Museum

banpo museum

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It is your vacation time! You have been preparing for this for long and some of the places in your checklist include visiting national museums featuring ancient culture. On top of the list is Xi’an Banpo museum, thanks to your friend or relative who advised you to tour the place. Obviously, you have no idea what to expect to see when you arrived there apart from what you heard from your acquaintances that the museum has beautiful gardens, flowering trees, and other amazing landscape. Well, let’s give a preview of what you expect to see both inside and outside the museum:

At least two exhibition halls

Typically, Banpo is an archaeological site hosting remains of several beautifully organized Neolithic settlements, one of them being the Jiangzhai, revolving around the Yangshao culture. Therefore, upon arrival, you will see several exhibition halls depicting the culture of its founders. One of the halls displays unearthed relic exhibitions, which include domestic and production tools used by ancient Banpo people like chisels, stones, pottery knives, axes, and sickles. The other exhibition hall is used for temporary exhibitions and shows. Some of the shows held at this hall revolve around folklore, ethnology, and prehistoric culture history.

The matriarchal clan community village of the Banpo as viewed from The Site Hall

Based on the archeological discoveries, the Banpo village is typically an extension of the Xi’an Banpo museum. Therefore, some of the unforgettable cultural aspects include the moat that surrounds the settlement, burial sections, and the pottery kilns located just outside the most perimeter. On-site is the residential section having kilns, huts, and tombs of the ancient residents. This entire cultural connotation carries forward the splendid and long history of China and the hard time of the ancestors in pursuit of civilization.

That is it about what you expect to see upon arriving at the Xi’an Banpo museum. It is a fascinating area of archaeology dating back to over 6,000 years ago. So, if you want to know where civilization stated in China and to reflect at the current state, then make a plan to visit the above site.