Louguantai Wild Animal Breeding and Protection Center


China is a popular tourist destination for many travel and leisure
enthusiasts. There are several reasons why people want to flock to this country
and this includes their vast and colorful history, ancient structures and of
course, the iconic Great Wall of China. Not only that, the nation is known for
is it’s unique and amazing wildlife and some of these creatures can no longer be
spotted anywhere in the world.

Sadly, because their natural habitats have been destroyed to make
way for progress, several of these animals are already considered to be
endangered species. Because of this, the government had to intervene to avoid
losing their diverse wildlife as well as any natural resources they had
available, and thus the Louguantai Wild Animal Breeding and Protection Center
was born.

Founded in 1987, the center is located in the Shaanxi province of
China. Travel and leisure enthusiasts will discover that not only can they find
beautiful and exotic creatures inside the center, they will also observe the
dedication the workers strive for in making sure that the center is a success.
Animals that can be found there are the Red Panda, Big Panda, Black Bear,
Golden Monkey and the Crested Ibises which is known to be one of the rarest
birds found in the world. They are studied and treated to ensure that their
species will continue to thrive.

Over the years, the center was able to rescue several animals who
were in distress or in need of treatment. Some of them have already been
returned to the wild whereas others continue to be treated and studied in the
center to ensure that these animals will go back to their natural habitats
without any issues in their end.

Although most people who go to China for travel and leisure want to
see their famous attractions, it is also nice to have a change of pace and
visit the center to get to know the hidden beauty the country has. Not only
that, it shows the perseverance of the Chinese community and perhaps it is
their way of an apology to these beautiful creatures for destroying their