How to get to Xi’an South Railway Station

Xi'an south railway station

The Xi’an South Railway Station is situated in the suburbs, approximately 30kms from the Bell Tower. It is a remote and small station. It only has a front square and a single storey terminal building. At the east corner of the station, you will find the ticket office from where passengers can buy, change or refund their tickets. As soon as you enter the station you will find the waiting area where there is a toilet and also drinking water facility. Generally, only those passengers whose train will be departing in a short while will be allowed to enter the station and others will need to wait outside.

Ticket Booking

The Xi’an south Railway Station is an important stop along the Xian – Ankang Railway. The trains that it operates are from/to Taiyuan, Chongqing, Ankang, Pingyao, Dazhou, Huashan, Jiexiu, Lingshi,Hohhot, Chengdu, Quqihar, Yulin, Baotou, Ordos, Yan’an, and Kunming.


How can you visit other places from the Xi’an South Station?

North Train Station – You first need to reach Sansen Guoji Jiaju via bus no. 920. Now, walk approx 220 meters south towards Sanyao metro station from where you can travel via metro line 2 and reach the North Station.

Xian Railway Station – Reach Wudianpu via bus no. 920 and then travel via bus no. 903 to arrive at your destination.

Bell tower – First reach Sansen Guoji Station via bus no. 920 and then walk toward Sanyao metro station. From here you can travel via metro line 2 and reach the Bell Tower.

Alternatively, you can reach the Fengqiyuan metro station via bus no. 918 and from there travel via metro line 2 to arrive at the Bell Tower.

You would be glad to know that The New Xian South Railway Station will soon be introduced and its construction begins in 2018,The new station will be serving the Xian – Wuhan, Xian – Changsha and the Xian – Chongqing high-speed railways.