Travel Guide To Xi’an Lewa Happy World

Not many people knew about Xi’an Lewa Happy World when it first opened up its gates to the world as a premium theme park. Today, it is known as one of the world’s leading fountain of fun and adventure, pomp and color. Thousands of people walk into the Chinese park that was designed to reflect coastal features.

The paradise effect
Xi’an Lewa is mesmerizing at first glance. The three horse-shoes like water bodies form the magnificence of the park’s architectural outlook. Their edges will make you feel like you are walking on a sunny beach in search of exotic delicacies. It’s the place to be if you like good tasting food given its assortment of theme restaurants. Jump from the dining table to world-class shopping malls, gyms or dive in for a swim as you watch your children ride ponies, race cars or sew-saw in the back-drop of a fun-bobbling crowd.
West meets east
The park’s circular perimeter is a reflection of the globe, making it the heart of amusement with the universal mark of cultural excellence. This can be seen on how the park immortalizes Hollywood superhero and cartoon characters. Other than the life-size statues of these characters, you also get humans mimicking them, and anyone is welcomed to buy a wonder woman, superman, batman, flash or Mickey and Mini’s costumes and jump into the fun. In the same breath, you will get to know about the Xi’an culture – one of the oldest known to man.
Efficient services
Professionalism and efficiency form the pillar of the Xi’an Lewa Happy World’s service chatter. Visitors are attended to fast and satisfactorily despite their great numbers. The efficiency doesn’t throw away its affordability aspects of service products that range from accommodation to ticketing and table service. Note that online tickets and other forms of bookings are available to people who are looking for a premium theme park with a difference.