Nanjing Railway Station

Nanjing railway station

One of the most important railway stations in Jiangsu, China is Nanjing railway station, situated near the Xuanwu Lake in the northern region of the urban area of Nanjing. Though this railway station was opened in October, 1968 but its new spacious building was built in 2005. This railway station, affiliated with the bureau of Shanghai Railway, is ranked first class and has a line for bullet train along with conventional train lines.

This railway station has 10 railway tracks in all including 5 for departures and arrivals, 2 known as passenger tracks, 4 tracks for storing train compartments and one for locomotive. It has 4 500 meter long platforms. This station is used for connecting various lines including Hening Railway line and Jinghu Railway line etc.

Nanjing railway station was major railway station of Nanjing until 2010 as it was used by most of the trains routed to Nanjing. But Nanjing had two more railway stations – west railway station and south railway station. The services of its west railway station has been suspended since long but the south railway station, situated in walled city, received some of the trains heading towards south of Nanjing.

In mid 2010, many high speed trains to Nanjing were rerouted to its south railway station after the inauguration of its new building in the southern region of Nanjing. But some of the high speed trains bound for Shanghai Hongqiao and Shanghai still stop at Nanjing railway station whereas some other stop at Changzhou, Suzhou and Zhenjiang. Some D trains running overnight towards North Railway Station of Xi’an, South Railway Station of Beijing, Beijing Station or West Railway Station of Tianjin still stop at Nanjing railway station.

Nanjing Metro station with two lines also serves Nanjing railway station. This railway station is also served by several lines of city bus.

Thus, all transit trains stop at Nanjing Railway Station to connect on-board passengers.