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Guangzhou South Railway Station is a major transportation hub in southern China, connecting the city and its surroundings. How to get from Guangzhou South Railway Station to city center is crucial for smooth transit from one of the country’s busiest railway terminals. The station’s transit alternatives will be covered in this detailed guide to help tourists choose depending on their tastes and requirements. Transportation options from Guangzhou south railway station to city center Transportation Option Travel Duration Cost Comfort Level Availability (Open Time) Availability (Close Time) Metro/Subway 30-40 minutes Low Moderate 06:00 AM 11:00 PM Taxi 30-40 minutes Medium to High High 24/7 24/7 Bus 45 minutes to 1 hour Low to Medium Moderate 06:00 AM 10:00 PM Ride-Sharing Services 30-40 minutes Medium High 24/7 24/7 A. Metro/Subway The Guangzhou metro connects Guangzhou South Railway Station to the city center quickly and easily. Multiple lines link essential places, including Line 2 to the train station, making travel easy. The Guangzhou metro system has contemporary infrastructure and a large network. Line 2 is popular with commuters and tourists since it connects to Guangzhou South Railway Station. Fares and Tickets: Automated vending machines at the station sell metro tickets. Distance-based fares start […]

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The Top 12 Things To Do In Suzhou With its beautiful classical parks, old canals, and rich cultural history, Suzhou is known as the “Venice of the East.” This ancient city is in the middle of Jiangsu Province and has many things to see and do that bring people from all over the world. Suzhou has a lot of things to do that show off its timeless charm. Two of these are taking walks through beautifully designed parks and visiting old water towns. Here is a list of the twelve best things to see and do in Suzhou. Each one tells you something new about the city’s history and culture. 1,Visit the Classical Gardens. The Suzhou traditional gardens are famous all over the world and have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of their historical importance and stunning beauty. The beautiful grounds here show that Suzhou was a center for Chinese garden planning. Their history goes back to the 1100s. The Humble Administrator’s park is the largest and best-known traditional park in Suzhou. You should start your tour here. This urban oasis has 52 acres of lovely plants, walks that wind around lakes, quiet ponds, and lovely buildings. […]

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China is a thrilling destination with rich culture, historical sites, and buzzing cities. Staying connected is crucial while traveling for work or pleasure. A local SIM card lets you talk, use maps, and access the internet without pricey international roaming. This complete 2024 SIM card guide will teach you everything about acquiring one in China. This article covers why you need one, the sorts, and the best provider to make your stay in China as seamless as possible. China has one of the world’s most modern mobile networks, providing high-speed internet in rural places. Due to the language barrier and tight SIM card registration rules, getting and using a SIM card in China might be difficult. This article will explain the procedure and provide you ways to stay connected in China from the time you arrive. This guide covers practical steps, SIM card types (prepaid vs postpaid, data-only vs voice and data), major mobile network operators (China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom), and SIM card purchase locations (airports, carrier stores, online). Additionally, it covers registration documents, plans and pricing, activation and use, and alternatives to local SIM cards including portable Wi-Fi devices and eSIMs. This article will teach you how […]

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How to get from Xi’an Xianyang Airport to city center? It’s about 40 km from Xi’an Xianyang Airport to City Center. There are 2 ways of transportation for you to get to the city center from the airport. How to get from Xi’an xianyang airport to city center by Bus Ticket Office:  T2—1F (Arrival Level) T3—1F (GTC) Bus station:   T2—outside of 1F (Arrival Level) T3—south side of 1F(GTC) “Ticket Checking” Price: RMB 25 Traders Hotel line at West Gate: Time: 6:00am — the end of the last flight arrived Interval: about 20min/shift (before 21:40)  50min/shift (after 21:40) Notice: the bus runs according to the flight schedule after 2:00am the next day Operation time: 70min Route: Xianyang Airport——West Gate Airport Traders Hotel——Bell Tower Hotel (7:00-21:40)   High tech Zone Zhicheng Park Hotel line: Time: 7:00—20:00 Interval: 30min/shift Operation time: 70min Route: Xianyang Airport——High tech Zone Zhicheng Park Hotel   Xi’an Railway Station Longhai hotel line: Time: 7:00 am—2:00am the next day Interval: 30min/shift Operation time: 70min Route: Xianyang Airport——Fengcheng 6th Road (20:00—2:00am the next day)——Tuoniaowang Building ——Xi’an Railway Station Longhai Hotel   South Gate Xi’an hotel line Time: 7:00 am—2:00am the next day Interval: 30min/shift Operation time: 70min Route: Xianyang Airport——Chengxi […]

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How To Arrive At Singapore City Center From Changi Airport   The Singapore Changi Airport, which is also called Changi Airport (IATA: SIN, ICAO: WSSS), is quite instrumental to Singapore. Asides being one of the biggest aviation hubs in Asia, it is also rated as one of the busiest airports in the world – with over 100 airlines flying to 400 cities across the world. Additionally, since 2013, Skytrax has ranked the Singapore Changi Airport as the best in the world for seven consecutive years. The Airport is situated in Changi, 20 km (12 miles) northeast of Marina Bay, Singapore’s central district.   1. MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) One of the advantages of travelling to the city through an MRT train is that it helps you save cost. This option is great for travellers who want to be more economical. If you want to board an MRT, you can walk down to the train station from Changi Terminal 2 or Changi Terminal 3. The train station is situated at the basement level of Changi Terminal 2. From Changi Terminal 1, you can board a SkyTrain and move to Changi Terminal 3. The trip takes about 15 minutes or thereabout. Furthermore, […]

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Tianjin Port, located on the western shore of Bohai Gulf in mainland China, serves as the primary maritime gateway to Beijing. It is the largest man-made port in the country and the second largest general port, with Shanghai port being superior in size. Covering an area of approximately 121 square kilometers, Tianjin Port boasts a quay shoreline of about 32 kilometers and over 150 production berths. Situated around 70 kilometers northwest of Tianjin City and 140 kilometers from Beijing, it holds a strategic location for trade and transportation. By the end of 2013, Tianjin Port had established itself as a key player in foreign trade and export volume from mainland China, ranking second and first respectively in these categories. With aspirations to become North China’s premier logistics and shipping hub, Tianjin Port is an integral part of Binhai New District’s ambitious development program. For travelers arriving at Tianjin Port, there are various options for exploration. They can choose to visit the attractions within Tianjin City or venture to the outskirts to witness the magnificence of the Great Wall. Additionally, convenient access to high-speed railway stations near the port and Tianjin City allows visitors to easily reach Beijing or other scenic […]

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Xian Big Wild Goose Pagoda is a prehistoric building found in Xian City, China. It is also known as the Great Wild Goose Pagoda or the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. It represents the traditional Chinese architecture. It has a simple style, solemn appearance, and high structure. This structure was built during the Tang Dynasty period. Buddhists consider it as a holy place. It is recognized as a National Cultural Relic Preserve. It attracts millions of tourists every year. Visitors can enjoy a scenic view of Xian City from this building. How was it built? This seven-storied structure is an architectural wonder. It stands at a height of 64.5m. It was constructed using layers of bricks. No cement was used in the process. This is the reason it is one of most well preserved prehistoric structures in the world. Just like most traditional Chinese architecture, bracket style was used in building the pagoda. Weather, war, and earthquakes have destroyed it but it still has its beauty. How did it get its name? This pagoda got its name from the ancient times. There was division in Buddhists at one time. One group had no problem eating meat. They run out of meat […]

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Not many people knew about Xi’an Lewa Happy World when it first opened up its gates to the world as a premium theme park. Today, it is known as one of the world’s leading fountain of fun and adventure, pomp and color. Thousands of people walk into the Chinese park that was designed to reflect coastal features. The paradise effect Xi’an Lewa is mesmerizing at first glance. The three horse-shoes like water bodies form the magnificence of the park’s architectural outlook. Their edges will make you feel like you are walking on a sunny beach in search of exotic delicacies. It’s the place to be if you like good tasting food given its assortment of theme restaurants. Jump from the dining table to world-class shopping malls, gyms or dive in for a swim as you watch your children ride ponies, race cars or sew-saw in the back-drop of a fun-bobbling crowd. West meets east The park’s circular perimeter is a reflection of the globe, making it the heart of amusement with the universal mark of cultural excellence. This can be seen on how the park immortalizes Hollywood superhero and cartoon characters. Other than the life-size statues of these characters, you […]

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China is a popular tourist destination for many travel and leisure enthusiasts. There are several reasons why people want to flock to this country and this includes their vast and colorful history, ancient structures and of course, the iconic Great Wall of China. Not only that, the nation is known for is it’s unique and amazing wildlife and some of these creatures can no longer be spotted anywhere in the world. Sadly, because their natural habitats have been destroyed to make way for progress, several of these animals are already considered to be endangered species. Because of this, the government had to intervene to avoid losing their diverse wildlife as well as any natural resources they had available, and thus the Louguantai Wild Animal Breeding and Protection Center was born. Founded in 1987, the center is located in the Shaanxi province of China. Travel and leisure enthusiasts will discover that not only can they find beautiful and exotic creatures inside the center, they will also observe the dedication the workers strive for in making sure that the center is a success. Animals that can be found there are the Red Panda, Big Panda, Black Bear, Golden Monkey and the Crested […]

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