How to choose different part of great wall-7 options

7 Different Parts Of The Great Wall And Ways To Reach There

If you are planning to visit Beijing, you should definitely pay a visit to the Great Wall. You can select from the wide assortment of original and restored sections which should be visited during the day trips from Beijing. Take a look at the different available options. The Great Wall is always beautiful, regardless of the season.

A plethora of segments of the Great Wall is opened for people who come to visit the place. There are different attributes of every section. Few are considered to have a better shape in a comparison to the others. Some of them can be climbed at ease. Few segments provide toboggans, zip lines, trolleys or cable cars. This article comprises of few of the segments of Great Wall which are opened for the visitors at present:


Badaling is recognized to be the very first section of the Great Wall which was made available to the public almost 50 years back. It has gained high popularity in these days. It is crowded throughout the year and has been restored in a complete manner. It has a cable car which provides assistance in climbing up the wall.


Though Mutianyu is located in a bit far region, it encounters less crowd on a regular basis. It is completely restored and provides a cable car. It offers the chairlift for getting down or up. It also offers a toboggan slideway for getting down.

3,Simatai and Jinshanling

It takes 2.5-3 hours to go to Simatai and Jinshanling from Beijing. It has a more natural state, less crowded. It is more remote. The conditions of the segment are rougher as compared to the above sections. It is not suitable for those individuals who are prone to vertigo owing to the unguarded sheer drops where few of the crenellations fall away. This segment comprises of cable cars at both the sides. Simatai comes with the zip-line descent option which is taken by people for an adventurous trip. You can go for trekking to Simatai from Jinshanling and vice versa.

As the Simatai Great Wall is closured strangely, a wide array of tourists travel to Jinshanling. Few leaders love to visit the segment so often owing to which it is often shut out for the visitors. A mountain is present near the Great Wall. The Sleeping Dragon Tiger is located near the Jinshanling Great Wall. So, you can visit the place. You can buy tickets at the most affordable price of just 25 RMB. It is just 4 km in length. It is, however, dangerous at times. Hence, you need to be careful.


Referred to as the Wild Wall, Huanghuacheng is nestled in the closest proximity. Hence, you can reach the genuine wall within the shortest duration of time from Beijing. Thus this is the perfect option for tourists who look forward to viewing the wall without walking on it actually.


Juyongguan is located at the closest distance to Beijing. This section has opened most recently. This section is known to be stepped and comes with a steep climb.


Xiaoheikou contributes to being the oldest section of Great wall in China. It was built first in Qi dynasty in the Liaoning Province. This wall happens to be the most authentic Wall of China. It is no touched by man for a wide number of years.


This is another section of the wall which is not opened to the public officially. It is steep and owing to the ruinous state, it can be dangerous.