How to get from Shanghai Pudong airport to Jiaxing

How do you get to Jiaxing after you arrive at Shanghai Pudong Airport? The distance from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Jiaxing is about 125 kilometers. There are four different modes of transportation that can be reached.


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  1. Shanghai Pudong airport to Jiaxing by bus

From Shanghai Pudong Airport to Jiaxing, it takes about 3 hours by bus and costs about 70 yuan/person.

The advantage of this method is that it is more economical, but the disadvantage is that it is generally comfortable. You need to bring your luggage to the long-distance bus station to buy tickets, wait for the bus, and take the bus without English service.


After picking up luggage from Shanghai Pudong Airport, you have to walk to the long-distance bus station on the east side of B1 floor of P1 parking building, which takes 20 minutes. If you are not clear on the road, you may need to ask the way. After arriving at the long-distance bus station, you need to speak Chinese at the ticket window. First, you should say I want to buy a bus ticket for Jiaxing. The conductor will ask you when you need to buy the bus. Then you say I want to buy a ticket to Jiaxing at which time. After buying the ticket, you need to wait in the waiting hall. Generally speaking, there are 7 buses to Jiaxing every day, the first one is at 10: 20 and the last one is at 19: 30. The ticket is 70 yuan/person, and the bus ride is about 2 hours (without traffic jam).

  1. Shanghai Pudong airport to Jiaxing by train

From Shanghai Pudong Airport to Jiaxing, it takes about 5 hours by train, with the lowest cost of about 32.5 yuan per person.

The advantage of this method is relatively economical, but the disadvantage is hard work because you need to change trains, wait and carry luggage. It may be a late time for the train ticket you bought. There are many uncontrollable factors and uncertain time. Some Chinese skills are needed to communicate with the questions in the process.


After picking up luggage from Shanghai Pudong Airport, take the magnetic levitation, take about 8 minutes to Longyang Road subway station (excluding waiting for the bus to buy tickets and walking time). Generally, it takes 15 minutes. After arriving at Longyang Road subway station, transfer to subway line 2 and get off at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. This period takes about 45 minutes. Go to the ticket window of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and buy the train tickets from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Jiaxing. There are many trains and many choices. It should be noted here that the trains from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Jiaxing all go to Jiaxing South. The train takes about 30 to 50 minutes. Fares are divided into three types, representing first-class, second-class and business seats respectively. Taking an example of the price of one train, which is 61.5 yuan, 38.5 yuan and 115.5 yuan per person respectively. Fares will vary slightly depending on different trains.

If you need to go to Jiaxing station, you need to take the train to Shanghai south station. The specific method of taking the train is: after you pick up your luggage at Pudong airport, go to line 7 of the airport and buy tickets at the ticket booth. The ticket price is 20 yuan/person. You need to wait about 30 minutes for the departure of line 7 of the airport, about 80 minutes for the departure from Shanghai Pudong airport to Shanghai south station, and after arriving at Shanghai south station, go to the window to buy tickets. Note that the number of trains from Shanghai south station to Jiaxing is not too many, and the interval between trains is also relatively long. We choose one of the trains to take example, the ticket prices are 12.5 yuan, 66.5 yuan and 95.5 yuan respectively.

It should be noted that if you choose to take the train, you’d better have plenty of time.

  1. Shanghai Pudong airport to Jiaxing by taxi


shanghai taxi

From Shanghai Pudong Airport to Jiaxing, taking a taxi takes about 3 hours and costs about 600 yuan.

The advantages of this scheme are labor saving, the disadvantages is high cost, and having certain risks. For example, it is uncertain whether a suitable driver is willing to go. It also requires good Chinese ability to communicate.


After picking up luggage at Shanghai Pudong Airport, go to the taxi waiting area, wait in line, and when you get to yourself, you need to inform the taxi driver of your trip to Jiaxing first. Getting on the taxi after the driver agrees. Our estimated cost may be different, because each driver’s price is slightly different. In addition, each passenger’s bargaining power is also different. It should be noted that the driver’s agreement to go to Jiaxing will include the cost of oil, high way fee, round-trip air transportation fee. It takes about 3 hours without traffic jam. Please keep your ticket. Don’t forget your luggage, and finally remind you not to take a black car!