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Expert in Airport, Cruise port, Station Transfer & City Tours

What is the air purifier and why it will be needed?

We prioritize your comfort and safety throughout your journey by ensuring that our vehicles maintain a PM2.5 density level below 100 through the use of car air purifiers.

By following these three simple steps, you ca easily meet Mr. Orange driver and enjoy a hassle-free experience during your time in Shanghai.

As a tourist exploring the vibrant city of Shanghai, it is common to spend around 35% of your travel time in a car. However, have you ever wondered about the air quality inside the vehicle? We conducted an experiment to find out.

During unfavorable weather conditions, we tested the PM2.5 density outside and discovered that it exceeded the safety limit with a reading of 260. Concerned about the impact on our customers, guides, and drivers, we decided to investigate further. We entered our vehicle, turned on the air conditioner, and measured the PM2.5 density inside. Surprisingly, even in a fully sealed car, the harmful air managed to infiltrate through the ventilation system, resulting in a reading of 140.

This revelation left us pondering over potential solutions. How could we ensure a safer environment for everyone? Determined to find an answer, we conducted another experiment at the same time using a car air purifier. After just 10 minutes of operation, we were thrilled to see that the PM2.5 density had significantly dropped to 30.

Realizing the importance of providing clean and healthy air for our valued customers and team members, we have made an important decision. Starting from February 28th onwards, each car in our fleet will be equipped with an air purifier.

We firmly believe that every small change can lead to great progress. By taking this step towards improving air quality within our vehicles, we aim to create a more enjoyable and safe experience for everyone traveling with us in Shanghai.

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