How to get from Shenzhen Baoshan Airport to city center-4 ways

Shenzhen airport to city center guide

Shenzhen, located in Guangdong Province in southern China, is a vibrant and innovative city. As one of China’s special economic zones, Shenzhen has rapidly risen from a small fishing village to a modern metropolis since its establishment in 1980.

The history of Shenzhen can be traced back to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty over 3000 years ago, but its rapid development occurred after the reform and opening up. Thanks to Deng Xiaoping-the former premier of China, His speech during inspection tour to south China has made Shenzhen a pioneering area for China’s reform and opening up. Since then, Shenzhen has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign investment and enterprises with its unique geographical location and special policy on market economy. it has become an important economic center in China and even the world.

shenzhen airport to city center

The economic strength of Shenzhen cannot be underestimated. It has a complete industrial chain, strong technological innovation capabilities, and an efficient logistics system, making it an important base for China’s high-tech industry. World renowned companies such as Huawei, Tencent, and DJI have all been born or developed in Shenzhen. Shenzhen’s GDP has surpassed Hong Kong, ranking among the top five Asian cities.Shenzhen is not only known as a flourishing metropolis in southern China but also famous for it’s picturesque landscapes and rich tourism resources. The top 8 popular tourist attractions you can’t miss when travel to Shenzhen are as following:

1. “Window of the World”

2. Happy Valley

3. Shenzhen Mangrove

4. Eastern Overseas Chinese Town

5. Lianhua Mountain

6. Bijia Mountain

7. Wutong Mountain

8. Yangtai Mountain

Savor the palatable local foods can also make unforgetable travel memory in Shenzhen. Your menu should not miss the food like: 

Gongming roast goose, Songgang preserved duck, Guangming suckling pigeon, and Longgang Sanhua chicken.

Shenzhen Baoan Airport:

Shenzhen Baoan Airport is located approximately 35 kilometers from the city center, specifically in the Futian district. It is also 60 kilometers away from Hong Kong International Airport and 150 kilometers from Macau International Airport.

Since 1991, Shenzhen Baoan Airport has been a popular choice for passengers and tourists visiting Shenzhen. If you’re looking for a comfortable, fast, and easy way to get to Shenzhen’s city center, we’ve got you covered. Here are three options to choose from, along with their advantages, costs, and travel times:

1, How to manage Shenzhen airport transfer to city center by Metro/subway:

Metro(subway)is always the most efficient way in your options for it’s cheaper costing and fast speed. Follow the simple instructions below and you will reach the heart of Shenzhen within 60 minutes only.

When get off the plane, follow the signs and walk to the airport station of subway line 11 and take the train towards Gangxia North direction from there. The journey last about 45 minutes and will take you to the Futian district in city center. 

After 8 stops on the way, you will be approaching the heart of Shenzhen, then get off at Futian station.

Metro Line 11(Airport Express)

1. Stations:

To Bitou:

Airport Station, Airport North Station, Fuyong Station, Qiaotou Station, Tangwei Station, Ma’anshan Station, Shajing Station, Houting Station, Songgang Station, Bitou Station

To Gangxia North:

Airport Station, Bihaiwan Station, Bao’an Station, Qianhaiwan Station, Nanshan Station, Houhai Station, Hongshuwan South Station, Chegongmiao Station, Futian Station, Gangxia North Station

2. Cost & Timetable

To Bitou6:300:04
To Gangxia North5:520:02

First train: 5:52 am

Last train:0:02 am

Ticket fare: 7 Rmb equivalent 1USD

Shenzhen Metro Map

Shenzhen metro map

2, How to manage Shenzhen airport transfer to city center by Shuttle bus:

Taking shuttle bus is also a ecnomic and efficient way to get from the Shenzhen airport to city as it provide direct transfer without any stops and ticket fare costs 4USD only. 
Cost & Timetable

Airport Line 1 (Line 330) round-trip schedule

FromToOperation HoursFare
( CNY ¥)
Hualian BuildingShenzhen Airport4:30 – 21:0020Frequency: every one hour
Driving distance: one hour
Stopover:Shenzhen Airline Building Station (boarding allowed)
Passengers are advised to arrive the terminal building 2 hours before departure.
Shenzhen AirportWest Square of the Railway Station6:30 – After final flight20Frequency: every one hour
Driving distance: one hour
Stopover:Shenzhen Airline Building Station, Investment Building, Hualian Building
Terminal bus station is Qiaoshe City Terminal (West square of Luohu Railway Station).

Route Map of Airport Line 1 (Line 330) of Shenzhen Airport Transport Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Airport – Luohu Railway Station (Qiaoshe City Terminal)

Shenzhen Airport South Road – Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway – Shennan Avenue – Shenzhen Airlines Building, Investment Building, Hualian Building – Shangbu Road – Binhe Avenue – Heping Road, Luohu Railway Station (Qiaoshe City Terminal)

Interchange guide for Airport Line 1 (Line 330) and Metro Station

Window of the World, OCT, East OCT, Zhuzilin, Che Kung Temple, Honey Lake, Shopping Park, Convention and Exhibition Center, Civic Center, Children’s Palace, Gangxia, Fumin, Huanggang, Huaqiang Road Station, Science Museum Station, Grand Theatre, Old Street, International Trade, Luohu Station

Take Airport Line 1 (Line 330) to the West Square of the Railway Station and transfer to the long-distance coach to travel to other cities in Guangdong Province.

Kaiping, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Bao’an International Airport, Guangzhou, Qingyuan Dongguan, Heyuan, Huizhou, Luohu Railway Station (West Square)

Airport Line 2 (Line 330B) Round-trip Schedule

FromToOperation HoursFare
( CNY ¥)
Longgang City TerminalShenzhen Airport5:00 – 21:0030Frequency: every 30 minutes; Driving distance: 50 minutes
Shenzhen AirportLonggang City Terminal7:00 – 02:0030Frequency: every 30 minutes; Driving distance: 50 minutes

Map of Airport Line 2 (Line 330B) of Shenzhen Airport Transport Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Airport – CNY 30, integrated ticketing, Longgang City Terminal (podium of Jixianglai Garden)

Shenzhen Airport, South Airport Road, Jihe Expressway, Dayun Metro Station, Longgang Avenue, Ailian Metro Station, Longgang City Terminal (Jixianglai Garden)

Schedule of Airport Line 3 (Line 330C) for night flights

330C is the only airport express to serve the air-rail intermodality, connecting Shenzhen Airport with Shenzhen North Railway Station and Metro line 4.

From Started (from Nov. 1, 2016)EndedLast busFare (CNY ¥)Notes
Shenzhen Airport24:0000:3001:0001:3002:00Longsheng Metro Station, Jinmeilong CountyNorth Shenzhen Railway Station25Driving distance: 45 minutes
Passengers are advised to arrive the terminal building 2 hours before departure.
North Shenzhen Railway StationShenzhen AirportNot available to passengers

Map of Airport Line 3 (Line 330C) of Shenzhen Airport Transport Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Airport, South Airport Road, Jihe Expressway, Bulong Road, Longsheng Metro Station, Meilonglu, Jindi Meilong Town, Baomin Road, North Shenzhen Railway Station

Airport Line 4 (Line 330D) round-trip schedule

FromToOperation HoursFare (CNY ¥)Notes
Pingshan City Terminal (Innovative Technology Building)Shenzhen Airport4:30 – 21:3035Frequency: every 40 minutes
Driving distance: 90 minutes
Shenzhen AirportPingshan City Terminal (Innovative Technology Building)7:00 – 01:4035Frequency: every 40 minutes
Driving distance: 90 minutes

Map of Airport Line 4 (Line 330D) of Shenzhen Airport Transport Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Airport, Nanping Express, Pingshan Avenue, Hengping Highway, Pingshan City Terminal (Integrity Technology Building)

Jihe Expressway, He’ao Metro Station

2, How to manage Shenzhen airport transfer to city center by taxi:

Although it might be a long queue, taking a taxi with a simple hand wave seems to be a convenient approach to handle your transfer from Shenzhen airport to the city, especially for those who need to handle office business at all times, taxi provide a private space without disturbance. Nevertheless, language can be a barrier to this option, unlike the rest of Asia countries, you can rarely find a driver in China who speaks English. On some occasions, the driver even rides passengers to the wrong location because of confusion caused by language.