Shanghai tower

3 Interesting Facts That Make The Shanghai Tower A Tourists Dream

 shanghai tower

The Shanghai Tower is one of the most visited buildings in China. This tourist hotspot is a favorite location for many people around the world because it offers a spectacle like no other. The tower is officially the second tallest building in the world, at a height of over 600 meters. Since it was opened in 2015, it has seen a plethora of tourists from all around the world. This tower is unique because it has the highest observatory. Here are some other key interesting facts about this marvelous building.

1. The elevators are sensational
Not only are the elevators in this building the fastest in the world, but they are also the furthest-traveling. The elevators cover the biggest distance of any elevators in a multi-story building. This makes accessing the uppermost floors and the observatory in under a minute.
2. The tower has a host of sustainable architectural elements
Being the second-tallest building in the world definitely comes with its perks. For one, a lot of structural challenges have to be overcome in order to maintain the integrity of the building. This is why the tower has a twist design to cope with strong winds. The tower also includes several renewable energy aspects in the design.
3. It offers the most touristic value to visitors
Have many different amenities including hotels, restaurants and the highest observation points, this tower offers the most value of any tower. Activities available at the tower are also numerous to offer tourists a memorable experience.
The Shanghai Tower is definitely a rarity in the world. This building can accommodate over 15,000 people at any given time. With such a huge clout, it is not hard to imagine why it pulls visitors and enthusiasts from all over the world. The tower will continue being a great phenomenon for all kinds of tourist for a better part of the foreseeable future.