Baoshan cruise port

Wusongkou cruise port terminal
To get from Pudong international airport to Baoshan cruise port by public transportation, You will need to take the following procedures: 1, Walk for about 380 meters from pudong airport to pudong airport subway station. 2, Take the subway line 2 east extension sector to Guanglanlu station-8 stops on the way. 3, Get off at the Guanglanlu station,transfer to subway line 2 and arrive at the century avenue station-6 stops on the way. 4, Get off at century avenue station,transfer to subway line 4 and arrive at the Baoshanlu station-6 stops on the way. 5, Get off at Baoshanlu station,transfer to subway line 3 and arrive at Baoyanglu station-12 stops on the way 6, Walk for 450 meters to reach the Tongjilu bus station. 7, Take bus No 29 to reach the Baoyanglu station at Wusongkou area. 8, Walk for about 410 meters to Wusongkou international home port. This distance between the Pudong airport to Wusongkou international cruise port is about 62 kilometers, to take public transportation might be money saving but will spend you a lot of time and effort especially when you are new to this city, another option is to get a cab for transfer, the local […]

How to get from Pudong airport to Baoshan cruise port-three ...