Beijing small group food tour

Itinerary: Beijing small group food tour take you deep into hidden corners of Beijing and sample more than 15 yummy foods in Beijing with unlimited beers and beverage.Stay away from tourists, eat yummy food with locals… taste the 5 favorite dim sums of empress dowager Cixi. See the stunts of slicing noodle, cook meat and vegetables on open flames while enjoying the famous Beijing Baijiiu, walk into the depth of Hutton and eat where We treat our family and friend. Today, Stay away from tourists, eat yummy food with local… Summary: Starting time: 7:00pm Everyday Finishing time: 10:00 pm, Everyday Pick up point: your hotel Drop off point: your hotel Food quantity: 15 Trip duration: 3 hours Transportation: Our Yummy Beijing Van   You are at safe hands: The restaurants or eateries that we picked for this trip are precisely selected by our product manger, which had provided yummy food to hundreds of our customers, they are clean and safe. You will be picked up & drop off at your own hotel, and our guide will be with you throughout the whole trip. What’s special: 1, Beijing is huge, don’t ever thinking about tasting all yummy food in one street, […]

Beijing small group food tour-Mr orange transfer