Copper vats-The fire protection system in the Forbidden city

Functions & Effects: This was a fire protection facility in the Forbidden City at the time. A long time ago, people came up with a way to put a large tank in front of the door in order to save the fire in time. As long as the water is always filled, when the fire occurs, the water can be used to put out fire. At that time, people called the big vats “the sea in front of doors.” It is not difficult to understand literally. It is believed that there will be no more fires when there is a sea in front of the door. Therefore, the big vats is also called “Auspicious vat” and “Vat of peace” for keeping palaces away from dangerous fire. At the same time, the big vat is also a small five-elements circulation: Gold generate water and water against fire! The most luxurious bronze vat gilded with real gold in the Forbidden City is placed in front of hall of supreme harmony, which symbolizes the imperial power. It is said 3 kg of gold was used for gilding each of the vat at that time. How does it work? In the Qing Dynasty, the copper […]

Copper vats in the Forbidden city