Guangzhou airport transfer

  Guangzhou Baiyun Airport  Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Transfer As an important city on the south coast, Guangzhou was the earliest port in China to open up to the outside world. It was the place where Christianity was introduced from the West to China, and also the place where China first conducted trade with Western countries. In this city, you can deeply feel the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures and a strong commercial atmosphere. The people here are hardworking, and low-key, and almost every family has their own business. The streets are filled with people in a hurry, busy with their own business, and no one has time to talk pretentiously. It’s hard to imagine that a small family of four could open a clothing factory that produces tens of thousands of pieces of clothing annually and sells them to various parts of the world. Guangzhou is also the capital of manufacturing. The Canton Fair was the earliest exhibition in China aimed at overseas markets, attracting hundreds of thousands of overseas merchants every year. The products here are very rich, of high quality, and of favorable prices, making it a favored procurement target for overseas buyers. To access the city […]

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Transfer