Shanghai world financial center

zhujiajiao water town
View Shanghai in three ways in one day: From a super-tall skyscraper: Skip the lines at the amazing World Financial Center and view shanghai from on high. By ancient waterway: Take a sculling boat through Zhujiajiao Water Village. Walking between past and future: Wander along the unique bund and discover the old and new faces of Shanghai’s colonial and 21st century buildings.   Tour Highlights  A visit to “Oriental Venice” — Zhujiajiao Water Village to experience old Shanghai.  A freshly-cooked lunch overlooking a Zhujiajiao waterway.  Fields of yellow rapeseed flowers at a water village (in the spring).  A unique walk along the bund discovering the old and new face of 17 most representative buildings with an expert introduction.  A view of all the great buildings of Shanghai from the 55-meter-long skywalk on the 100th floor of the World Financial Center.  There is free water, beer, and more at the Mr orange Refreshments Kiosk.  Keep connected with our portable Wi-Fi anytime and anywhere.  Go beyond surface appearances with insider narration on attractions.  Video and six files of information to help you discover the hidden gems of Shanghai.   Guide, Driver, Vehicle, and Customer Service Support  Guide: better than a normal licensed […]

Shanghai one day highlights tour with zhujiajiao water town