Temple of heaven & Summer palace

General information: Hire a car with driver to world famous Forbidden city,Temple of heaven & Summer palace, Enjoy a hassle free and flexible tour provided by Mr orange. Travelling to new places is intended to be fun and luxurious. However, this always comes with a cost; a cost of time, a cost of money, and a cost of effort. That is where we come in. Our car rental service is made and designed in a very flexible way that can be tailored to your specific needs at every specific moment. You will be driven to the Great Wall while you relax and only wait to arrive. Why you will need a private transfer? The Efficient Service We have a topnotch service with fully licensed drivers that know the ins and outs of China. They will cater to your every need besides just driving. They can help you pay your tickets out and to attend to lunch breaks during your visit whenever you feel it’s necessary.Our vehicles are new. They are equipped with every accessory you would need like air-conditioning, air bags, seat belts, fire extinguishers, and more. You Get To Save Unlike the inconveniences you would get from having to […]

Hire a car to Forbidden city,Temple of heaven & Summer ...