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The fascinating beauty of the Ancient Tongli water town Tongli Water Town initially called Futu (meaning a fertile land), is a well-preserved water town located on the outskirts of Suzhou, Shanghai. With a history of more than 1000 years, the town has recently become a tourist attraction center with its main attraction sites being canals. The town is approximately 24 square miles and has an estimated population of about 33 thousand residents. True to its reputation, this water town is quite a fantastic travel destination ideal for adventurous activities and holidays with an ultimate traditional Chinese’s cultural experience. With its network of waterways and lakes, Tongli town was initially inaccessible, and therefore, it never went through the devastating war experience that other places faced. As a result, several of its ancient buildings are still conserved. These old structures include temples, several scenic stone bridges, houses and private gardens. Some of the Tourist Attractions you shouldn’t miss when visiting Tongli town include: The Garden-Style buildings Most of the famous gardens in Tongli exhibit a perfect combination of artistic gardens and practical residences. These structures include the Jiayin hall, the Chongben hall, and the Tuisi garden. The fascinating ancient stone bridges While this water town is well known for its river-lanes […]

Tongli water town