What is difference between Dongzha and Xizha at Wuzhen

What is difference between Dongzha and Xizha at Wuzhen? Wuzhen Ancient Water Town is located in Tongxiang, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China. It’s just a short drive away from Hangzhou, taking only 1.5 hours, or 2 hours from Shanghai. Extremely convenient. Wuzhen has remained unchanged for centuries, with its name, location, waterways, and way of life remaining constant since its foundation. Even after enduring centuries of weathering, the traditional buildings still stand strong and intact. Wuzhen, an enchanting water town, is divided into four main scenic sections by its intricate network of canals. The locals refer to these sections as Dongzha, Nanzha, Xizha, and Beizha. However, most tourists tend to only visit Dongzha(东栅) or Xizha(西栅) Scenic Area. Nanzha and Beizha are still primarily residential areas for the local community. It hasn’t quite become a popular tourist spot yet, and there aren’t many attractions to explore.

Visitors to Wuzhen Ancient Water Town are aware that the entrance ticket for Dongzha and Xizha Scenic Area in Wuzhen must be purchased separately. Additionally, there is the option to purchase a combination ticket that grants access to both attractions. So, which part of the destination would you like to explore? Which one should I choose, Dongzha or Xizha? Allow me to provide you with a comparison between Dongzha and Xizha in Wuzhen Ancient Water Town, which could assist you in planning your trip to Wuzhen.

Comparing the Opening Hours of Dongzha and Xizha

Dongzha Scenic Area became accessible to tourists in 2001, while Xizha Scenic Area opened its doors to visitors in October 2006.

Dongzha has managed to retain its authentic village style and rich cultural heritage, even after being developed into a popular tourist site. Xizha Scenic Area was created as part of the Wuzhen Protection Project Phase II. It spans across three square kilometers and is located next to the historic Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Visitors must board a ferry in order to access Xizha.

Typically, travelers who book a Wuzhen tour through travel agencies are usually only taken to visit the Dongzha Scenic Area. If you want to make the most of your visit to Dongzha and Xizha in a single day, it’s important to plan your time wisely in each location.

Comparing Dongzha and Xizha in Wuzhen for Accommodation

If you have sufficient time, it is highly recommended to spend a night in Wuzhen. This will allow you to fully appreciate the enchanting night view of this ancient town, adorned with traditional Chinese red lanterns. Wuzhen is truly captivating at night, with the enchanting glow of the red lanterns illuminating the surroundings. Both Dongzha and Xizha provide hotel accommodation options for tourists.

Xizha is primarily focused on providing accommodation for tourists, with only a small number of local residents. The homestay or guest houses in Wuzhen are managed by Wuzhen Tourism Development Company, rather than the owners of the houses. The price is consistent and on the higher side. However, the facilities in homestays or guest houses are often more thoughtful and comfortable.

Dongzha preserves its original layout, while Xizha has been meticulously reconstructed to recreate the charming ambiance of an ancient water town. There are a number of local residents residing in Dongzha, who possess extensive knowledge about the area. Additionally, the homestays and guest houses are owned directly by the local residents, providing an authentic and immersive experience. The price is significantly more affordable, and there is even room for negotiation with the owner.

Comparing Dongzha and Xizha in Wuzhen for Sightseeing

Dongzha is a great place to immerse yourself in the local customs and culture. The Dongzha Scenic Area in Wuzhen Water Town is home to a wealth of historic and cultural sites. Visitors can explore attractions such as the Ancient Bed Museum, Folk Customs Museum, Wine Distillery Workshop, Shadow Play, and Indigo Fabric Workshop (located in the Wuzhen East Scenic Zone). These sites offer a fascinating glimpse into the rich heritage of the area. Dongzha is known for its vibrant folk performances, including shadow plays, martial arts demonstrations, Huagu Opera on boats, and thrilling bamboo pole climbing.

Xizha Scenic Area bears a striking resemblance to Lijiang Ancient Town in Yunnan. There is a wide variety of hotels, bars, souvenir shops, and more to explore. There are several historic sites for you to explore, including the Water Market, Wedding Museum, Chinese Footbinding Culture Museum, Heal Town Pharmacy, Yida Silk Workshop, Indigo Fabric Workshop (Wuzhen West Scenic Zone), and more.

If you’re looking for an interesting destination, Dongzha is worth a visit. However, if you prefer a more charming and modern atmosphere with plenty of entertainment options, Xizha is the place to be.