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How to get from Shanghai to Hangzhou

Shanghai to Hangzhou

Traveling from Shanghai to Hangzhou is like traveling across a cultural corridor where old and modern mingle. Shanghai represents modernism, whereas Hangzhou, with its lush surroundings and rich history, provides tranquility. This page provides practical information about transit alternatives and travel suggestions.

Shanghai-Hangzhou Transportation

How to get from Shanghai to hangzhou by Fast Train

From Shanghai to Hangzhou, the high-speed rail is the most convenient. With regular departures throughout the day, customers may select a time that fits their schedule. Refer to this example timetable:

Train NumberDeparture TimeTicket Price (CNY)Travel Duration
G700107:0017445 minutes
G750109:0017445 minutes
G730111:0017445 minutes
G710113:0017445 minutes
G720115:0017445 minutes
G740117:0017445 minutes

Please note that the ticket prices and departure times may vary depending on the specific date of travel and seat class chosen. It’s always a good idea to check the latest schedules and prices closer to your travel date.

Journey Duration: 45 mins–1 hour

Booking: Official railway websites and train station ticket counters sell tickets.

Modern facilities like comfortable seats, onboard food, and Wi-Fi make high-speed trains a pleasurable ride.

How to get from Shanghai to hangzhou by Bus

Buses between Shanghai and Hangzhou are a cheap and dependable choice. Buses leave Shanghai stations often throughout the day. 

Bus schedule:

Bus RouteDeparture TimeTicket Price (CNY)Travel Duration
Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Terminal to Hangzhou West Bus Station07:00803 hours
Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Terminal to Hangzhou West Bus Station09:00803 hours
Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Terminal to Hangzhou West Bus Station11:00803 hours
Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Terminal to Hangzhou West Bus Station13:00803 hours
Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Terminal to Hangzhou West Bus Station15:00803 hours
Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Terminal to Hangzhou West Bus Station17:00803 hours

From 07:00 to 18:00, Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Terminal departs every 30 minutes.

Journey About 2–3 hours, depending on traffic.

Ticket Booking: Bus station ticket booths and internet outlets sell tickets.

Buses provide nice seats and rest stations to make the trip enjoyable.

How to get from Shanghai to hangzhou by Taxi or Private Car

Private cars and taxis appeal to passengers who value privacy and convenience. How to organize transportation:

Taxis are plentiful in Shanghai. Flag one down on the street or at taxi stands at airports or rail stations.

Shanghai has several automobile rental firms with a variety of cars to meet different demands and budgets. However, transportation applications like Didi let you hire private vehicles or taxis with a few clicks on your phone.

Price for Shanghai to Hangzhou Private Transfer

Price (Pls note our price is per car, NOT per person):

1 Person2 Person3-5 Person6-9 Person>10 Person
170USD180 USD 200USD 230USDContact us for accurate quote

This service is available daily. The above price is for adults (age > 12). The price for children (ages 2-12) is the same as the adult price and the infant price (age < 2) will be free of charge. This price includes the transfer service with a private car and a driver who can speak a little English.

Travel Tips

A. Advance Booking

To guarantee a smooth travel experience, reserve transit tickets in advance, particularly during high seasons. This ensures availability and lets passengers choose departure times and seats.

B. Travel Peaks

When feasible, avoid big holidays and weekends to decrease crowds and travel stress. Off-peak travel may cut ticket costs and reduce transit hub wait times.

C. Language Matters

While English is widely spoken in tourist locations like Shanghai and Hangzhou, knowing Mandarin might help you communicate with locals. For simple reference, write hotel addresses and emergency contacts in Chinese.

D. Essential Packing

Traveling smoothly requires smart packing. Travel paperwork, chargers, prescriptions, and comfy clothes should be prioritized. Bringing a reusable water bottle and snacks might also keep you energized.

Hangzhou attractions

Hangzhou airport transfer

Hangzhou has many attractions due to its beautiful scenery and rich culture. Must-see Hangzhou sights and activities:

A. West Lake

West Lake, Hangzhou’s most famous landmark, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its beauty and culture. Take a boat trip, wander along the promenades, or rest in the peaceful surroundings. Visit Leifeng Pagoda, Su Causeway, and Three Pools Mirroring the Moon for an unforgettable experience.

The Lingyin Temple

One of China’s most respected Buddhist temples is Lingyin Temple at the foot of Lingyin Mountain. Over 1,600 years old, this architectural marvel has finely carved sculptures, calm meditation rooms, and lush gardens. Visitors may tour the temple complex, worship, and feel the spiritual atmosphere.

C. Qingfang Old Street

Walk along Qinghefang Ancient Street’s cobblestones to relive history. This busy street showcases Hangzhou’s cultural legacy with traditional businesses, teahouses, and historical structures. Enjoy Longjing tea, silk, and regional foods in this ancient district’s colorful environment.

D. Tea Plantations Longjing

Tea tasting at Longjing Tea Plantations is a must in Hangzhou. These terraced farms grow China’s best green tea on lush slopes. Visitors may see the tea-picking process, learn about tea production, and taste Longjing tea while taking in the scenery.

E. Other Famous Sites

Besides the above features, Hangzhou has many additional things to explore. Every tourist may appreciate Wuzhen’s old water town or Xixi Wetland Park’s tranquility. Visit the China National Tea Museum, Hangzhou Botanical Garden, and Hefang Street to experience Hangzhou’s diversity.

Hangzhou Water Town Exploration

Beyond Hangzhou’s busy streets are many charming lake communities with their distinct personalities. These old communities with peaceful waterways, classic architecture, and rich cultural legacy reveal China’s history. Water towns around Hangzhou are worth visiting:

Transport Options

Hangzhou to adjacent water towns is easily accessible by numerous modes of conveyance. Regular buses from Hangzhou’s major bus terminals to Wuzhen, Xitang, and Zhouzhuang are the most convenient way. Travelers may avoid difficulty by renting a vehicle or taking planned trips.

Popular Water Towns Near Hangzhou

Wuzhen, known as the “Venice of the East,” has beautiful historical buildings, peaceful rivers, and a rich cultural legacy. The town’s timeless atmosphere may be experienced by exploring wooden cottages, scenic bridges, and attractive cobblestone streets.

Xitang: Winding canals, stone bridges, and medieval passageways give Xitang an old-world appeal. Due to its romantic atmosphere and visual splendor, this lake town has been featured in many movies and TV series.

Zhouzhuang, the “Venice of China,” is one of China’s oldest water settlements, going back over 900 years. Zhouzhuang provides a peaceful getaway from contemporary life with well-preserved Ming and Qing era structures, quiet canals, and lush gardens.

D. Water Town Attractions

Visitors may enjoy several sights and activities in Hangzhou’s water towns. There are plenty of activities, from canal boat excursions to traditional music and dance performances. Try local cuisine, buy handicrafts, and shoot these old towns’ timeless beauty.

E. Water Town Visitor Tips

Consider these recommendations to maximize your visit to Hangzhou’s water towns:

Book tickets in advance, particularly during busy travel seasons, to avoid lengthy lines and get preferable departure schedules.

Timing: Visit during weekdays or off-peak hours to avoid crowds and relax.

Explore the Towns: Walk through tiny alleys, explore local sights, and talk to locals to learn about the town’s culture and history.

Safety: Avoid slippery surfaces near rivers, use established routes, and remain hydrated while exploring water towns.

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