How to take bullet train to Tianjin cruise home port from Beijing

Finding ways of transportation from Beijing to Tianjin cruise port ?  Bullet train might be a good choice, There are many schedule departure bullet train from Beijing south railway station to Tianjin railway station, the transfer duration last for only 25 minutes, Below are the information and travel guide on how you manage this transportation on your own.

Step 1, Getting to Beijing south railway station from your hotel.

1, By subway

If you choose to get to Beijing south railway station by subway, you will need to find a way to transit to the subway line 4 first and then get off from Beijing south railway station, when arrive at the station, you will find the subway exit on the first floor of the station, if you have ticket with you already, Pls go straightly to 2nd floor for departure, if not, You will need to buy ticket at the ticket office on the first floor.

Important note:

If you are late and about to miss the train, You may go straightly to express entrance on the basement 1 .


2, By public bus

At South Square: 343, 529, 652, 665, Te 5, Te 8 (inner fast line), Te 17, Night line 15, Night line 24
At North Square: 20, 84, 102, 106, 381, 458, 485, Night line 17

You will need to get off the bus at the square out of the terminal, you may check in the station from either south or north entrance if your tickets has been purchased, but if you don’t you will need to go down to ticket office No.6  on the basement 1 to buy ticket and then go to the second floor for departure.

3, By taxi

To make the transfer easier and stress free you can also choose to get the Beijing south railway station by Mr orange taxi, We will send you a driver with car  to pick you up at your schedule time, and transfer you to the railway station, Our driver are very helpful, They can even going with you to the station and assist you to get your online booking ticket from machine. Check our Beijing south railway station transfer rate from here.

Step 2, Bullet train schedule from Beijing to Tianjin

Beijing to Tianjin bullet train schedule:
Train No. Departure – Arrival Travel Time
C2023 09:28 – 09:58 0h30m
C2037 10:40 – 11:15 0h35m
G325 12:05 – 12:39 0h34m
C2079 14:14 – 14:44 0h30m
G15 18:00 – 18:31 0h31m
Tianjin to Beijing bullet train schedule:
Train No. Departure – Arrival Travel Time
C2012 08:10 – 08:40 0h30m
C2032 11:02 – 11:32 0h30m
G108 12:49 – 13:23 0h34m
C2078 18:32 – 19:02 0h30m

Step 3, The stations en route

Beijing south railway station-Yizhuang statin-Wuqing

Step 4, Where you will get off from the bullet train

At the terminal station named Tianjin station

Step 5, How do you transfer from bullet train station to Tianjin cruise port?

When getting off the Tianjin railway station, You will need to transit  another train to Tanggu station, then get a taxi to Tianjin international home port.

Train No. Departs Arrives Distance Duration Seat Fares Hard Sleeper Fares Soft Sleeper Fares
C2303 Tianjin
25km 24min ¥18.5/¥31 0/0/0
C2305 Tianjin
40km 18min ¥18.5/¥31 0/0/0
C2307 Tianjin
25km 24min ¥18.5/¥31 0/0/0
C2593 Tianjin
40km 18min ¥18.5/¥31 0/0/0

Taxi transfer duration will be 45 minutes, taxi fare would be around 150 RMB.