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Baoshan cruise port
There are two cruise terminals in Shanghai: Shanghai Baoshan International Cruise Terminal and Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal on Dongdaming Road Hongkou District. As the names of these two cruise terminals are similar, please check before boarding. If you get aboard at the wrong cruise terminal, don’t be afraid. The two cruise terminal is 20km away from each other. It takes you 40min (about CNY65) to take a taxi from one to the other. Meanwhile, make sure that your guide knows your situation. If you can check in before the gate closes, you can get aboard. Information about Baoshan Cruise Terminal Baoshan International Cruise Terminal Development CO., LTD. was established with a joint effort given by the government of Baoshan District Shanghai and Shanghai Changjiang Shipping CO., LTD. The company is responsible for the construction, operation, management, and supporting services of Baoshan International Cruise Terminal, involving tourist service, shipping service, roll-on, and roll-off transportation, anchorage for international cruise liners, shipping agent, raw materials supply of cruise and other ships, ship inspections, ship delivery service. The terminal area has a planned coastline of 1,500M. With a coastline of 774M, Phase I includes two large cruise berths for 100,000-ton cruise liners and […]

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