About Heshan Empolo Sanitary Ware Company

Empolo sanitation ware company

About Heshan Empolo Sanitary Ware Company

Heshan Empolo Sanitary Ware Company was founded in 2003, with the concept of spreading the Chinese craftsman spirit globally, after years of development and accumulation, supplies bathroom space integration solutions to customers around the world. EMPOLO provides dozens of series of products to meet the diversified demands of customers at home and abroad and has gradually mored into mainstream markets around the world, servicing billions of consumers.

Based in Foshan, the sanitary ware/ceramic capital of China, EMPOLO has been committed to the integration and innovation of culturally designed technology at home and abroad. From senior product engineers to management and service personnel, all staff of EMPOLO continuously supply products with elegant designs, simple & practical, and exquisite quality to global users.

EMPOLO’S quality products attracted worldwide attention and implemented quality management in strict accordance with international quality standards, getting the certifications of CUPC in North America, WATERMARK & WELS in Australia, SASO in Saudi Arabia, TIS in Thailand, and so on.

Franchise stores are throughout dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, Sweden, Doha, Dubai, Saudi, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Mal- dives. Meanwhile EMPOLO implements the globalization brand management strategy, It has built e-shop network for direct selling, and with diversification of systematic channels, it promote brand development by leaps and bounds, making users enjoy the service experience, and be touched by the charm of an international brand “fully feel by heart, moved always”.

How to get to Heshan Empolo Sanitary Ware Company

The head office of Empolo Sanitary Ware Company stands on the Chancheng district of Foshan city,which is around 40 km away from the city of Guangzhou, there are 3 ways of transport from Guangzhou to Foshan: Subway,taxi and public bus.

1, Subway:

Wherever you are in Guangzhou, try to get to the nearest metro station and take the train to Xilang metro station which connects Guangzhou-Foshan Express, You might need a few transitions as there are 8 metro lines in Guangzhou. Make sure you are going to Xinchengdong direction when you are at the Guangzhou-Foshan Express Railway. The whole journey on Express Railway will last for 1 hour and you will need to get off at Zumiao station and then grab a cab to Empolo.

2,Public bus

It is not recommended to take a public bus from Guangzhou to Foshan, as there is no direct line between these two cities, and buses are always going with a lot of stops on the way which will take a fairly long time.

3, Taxi

Taxi can be an option, the pros are fast and convenient, but the cons are language barriers and payment methods, You will need WeChat which links with your credit card for the taxi bill, because very few Chinese drivers can accept cash or prepare small notes for change.

To pre-book a taxi with Mr. Orange Transfer for a round trip to Empolo Sanitation Ware Company can be a good choice, We accept PayPal and credit card payment methods and provide 24-hour English-speaking customer service, and the door-to-door pickup and drop-off service would keep you stay away from stress and hassle.

Book a factory visit to Empolo sanitation ware comany with u

We can even help you to contact Empolo company for an appointment on your request and pre-book a factory visit, what’s needful for you is just click this link and let us know your schedule and visiting preference, and then we can deliver them to the right person in the company and then a perfect guided factory visit to Empolo company can be expected.

Do not be confused about our identification with the” middle man”, We are a professional car transfer service provider in China, and have no intention of getting involved in other business, Pre-book the tour is just about to make your company visit more conveniently, smoothly, and successfully.

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