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Visit Guangzhou Stark Yacht Marina Engineering Company

Guangzhou Stark Yacht Marina Engineering Co.,ltd

Brief introduction to Guangzhou Stark Yacht Marina Engineering Company

Guangzhou Stark Yacht Marina Engineering Co.,ltd. is a officially registered yacht marina engineering company in China, which specialized in yacht marina project development, yacht dock design and construction, ocean engineering material production and export. We are the most professional yacht marina company in mainland China, which provides a full range of services from design, manufacturing to construction and installation.

Our provide all range of products in yacht marina engineering industry, from the main part of the marina, bridge approach, gangway, floating pontoon bridge, pontoon ect, to the accessories of professional marina, hydropower equipment, mooring equipment, safety equipment and so on. The high quality products and exquisite craft has helped Star Yacht marina to win good reputation both at home and abroad.

Stark yacht marina is located in guangzhou and with 10000 square meters of production and assembly workshop, and it has accumulated rich experience in water engineering design and construction, we combined foreign design concepts and advanced technology to set up the company’s quality management system which conform with with the industry norms and standards in countries such as the UK and Italy. We expanded rapidly in the past decade and have established a long-term cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises. Thanks to the excellent service system which we have established, we are capable to help the investor (project owner) to complete the comprehensive project of reporting, planning, design, construction, construction investment,operations, as well as management services.

Stark yacht marina which adhering to the “people-oriented, integrity, security, guaranteed quality” business philosophy, being pioneer of yacht marina industry with good company image ; Creating high-quality project by excellent quality, is making endeavor to a first-class water engineering construction enterprise.

About the floating dock

The floating dock can be called marina, pontoon. As a yacht facilities, it provides docking and hydropower supply for the yacht, with multifunctions, such as yacht (a ship) docking, cleaning, maintenance and passenger’s embarking and disembarking, ect.  It’s structure mainly includes gangway, main walkway of the floating dock, finger floating dock, fixing device, mooring, water and power pedestal, anti-collision facilities and so on. Floating dock can adapt to different water level, which always keep a fixed distance with the surface of the water, our designers will be making designs of the floating dock structure, ship type, the mooring facilities, protection facilities design by taking depth, influence factors of tides, currents and waves size into consideration in order to maximum it’s function and ensure the safety of docking ship and passengers. Our floating dock products are durable, exquisite looking, easy for maintenance, and affordable.

Application scenarios: Marine Jetty, Boat Dock, Ferry Dock, Jet Ski Dock, etc.

How to get to Guangzhou Stark Yacht Marina Engineering Company

The Stark Yacht Marina Engineering Company is located in Xinhua town Huadu District which is 42 km away from the heart of Guangzhou city, Generally speaking, it takes about 42 minutes to get there from your hotel in the downtown area. Getting there by bus or tube can be an alternative for budget travelers, but finding bus stops and transition ways can be very complicated and time-consuming which extends your transfer duration to 2 hours longer. moreover, the company’s location is in the industry zone of Huadu district which is far from the subway station, so we would like to advise you to go with our private return way transfer service to visit this company.

Besides, Mr. Orange Transfer also provides a booking service for appointments with this company to enable your visiting preference to be clearly delivered to the company’s head and you will have a company staff there who can show you around the factory with English narration.

You can click here to make an appointment with us.

PLS NOTE: We are not a “middle man”-Mr. Orange Transfer is a professional transfer company, we do only car rental services, and we won’t involved in your business and get commission, otherwise, we won’t publish the contact number of the company below. Book through us is all about making this factory visit seamless and smooth.

You can also make an appointment by yourself:

Tel: 0086-020-66607077

Address: NO.1 of Motor City Industrial Zone,Xinhua Town Huadu District, Guangzhou City.

Factory visit to Guangzhou Stark Yacht Marina Engineering Company on 1st of Dec 2023

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